The panelist said – the father-in-law of the respected family was also an intruder


Ilias Sharafuddin once again fluttered and replied, “No hospice, there is such a big heart of Hindustan that it is tolerating everyone … did not have Dharamsala for the cosmos … when the ancestors of the respected family came here, there is no Dharamshala. was….”

Intruders are continuously debating in the country. After the NRC draft is ready, there is a demand for sending illegal migrants out of the country. During such a debate on News 18, Ilias Sharafuddin, a member of Jaikir Naik’s organization Islamic Research Foundation, opposed the government’s initiative to send illegal migrants out of the country. Ilias Sharafuddin said in his argument that India’s heart is huge, the foreigners who came here are given the place. Ilias Sharafuddin said, “India’s heart is so big that 4,000 years ago the ancestors of the Patra had come to them also … they kept the intruders here … after that Tibetan came … they kept the infiltrators here … after that came the Hindus of Pakistan They kept the infiltrators in Rajasthan … now a few Muslims come … so much bigger BJP is giving the BJP-RSS ….

” On this statement of Ilias Sharafuddin, Anchor expressed strong objection Although the IRF leader continued his talk, he said, “When you are all with you, take some Muslims together ….” The anchor said on this, is this Dharamsala. Ilias Sharafuddin once again fluttered and responded, “Harmeshwar is not such a huge heart of Hindustan that everyone is tolerating … Dharamshala was not available for the cosmos … When the ancestors of the respected family had come here there was no Dharamshala ….” On this leader, when anchor accused of spreading poison, he said that this poison is no answer… “IRF spokesman Ilias Sharafuddin said that Aryan is sad about coming to India.

IRF spokesman Ilias Sharafuddin said that he wants that whatever has come in India in trouble, he should get a place. Ilias Sharafuddin said, “In any trouble, India came … whether it belonged to any religion … then India took her in her lap, the father-father of the respected Patra came and took it … Tibetan came and took it … so If Muslims come, what is the problem. “


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