Special Tips Given by Tendulkar to Virat


Team India captain Virat Kohli considered Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar as his guru. Tendulkar has said that the success of Indian captain Virat Kohli’s ability to identify his weakness and his constant work will keep the star batsman in the top of world cricket for a while.

Tendulkar, who scored 15921 runs in Test matches, said that the best thing about Kohli is that he is committed to improvement. Tendulkar said of Kohli, “I can always see hunger and fire in his eye. The best thing about him is that as soon as he feels that he needs to work in a department, he immediately goes to the net and works on those things.

Between India and England, the first match of the five-match Test series will be played in Edgbaston from today. Tendulkar said, “A player can move forward only when he accepts and accepts for it that these are the departments where I have not done well and I need to make changes in these things.”

These special tips given by Tendulkar to Virat …

Kohli has scored 5554 runs at an average of 53.440 in 66 Tests so far. Four years ago, though England had failed to tour, and only 134 runs in five Tests at an average of 13.40. Tendulkar advised Kohli to continue his form of preparation before the match and not be disturbed by the ups and downs in the form. Indian coach Ravi Shastri said that the effect of Kohli’s hard work and hard work is on the whole team.

Asked about Kohli’s influence on the team, Shastri said, “Extremely high. There is no equal to responsibility for his work. In the dressing room, who wants to play the match as a competitor, who comes with the passion. He wants to present the competition and is like the disease – people want to follow him on his way. Young people want to be like him. ‘

Special Tips Given by Tendulkar to Virat
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