After almost six months of wait, Android 10 is finally not in the hands of Google and first reaches some Android phones. As usual, Google pixel phones were first received, but essential is also creating a stable structure and other brands like Xiaomi and OnePlus have already released the open beta builds of Android 10 for the positive versions of their Android. Have. In India, the first open Betua of Android 10 for the OnePlus 7 series has already been made available, while the OnePlus 6 series phones will be getting soon.

Unlike the stable Android 10 update on the pixel phones, OnePlus has only released the open beta build, which means there is likely to be unnoted software bugs. However, this is the first time we will see the next version of Oxygen OS with the launch of the rumor-born OnePlus 7 T phones in the coming weeks. Oxygen OS gets Under-the-hood adjustments with Android 10 along with two visual improvements.

We usually suggest users to avoid open beta structures of Android updates on your primary phones, but we can’t resist trying out a new version of the Oxygen OS. So, as soon as OnePlus made the ROM available in its community, we downloaded it for our OnePlus 7 and installed it. Initial impressions? I would say that the Android 10 update to the oxygen OS makes it easier to pepper and use.

Back at the end of 2017, OnePlus introduced gesture navigation for its phones in oxygen OS. While this is helping the button-less interface, I have always recognised that it is difficult to use the system. Especially on big phones like the OnePlus 7 Pro, it is impossible to get the gestures right and I have mostly used the android pie gesture buttons. Android 10 gestures make it much easier to use these phones now.
Android 10 gestures coincide with the system you found on Xiaomi’s MIUI 10. Swipe in from the two edges of the screen to go back, swipe on the slim home bar to go to the homescreen and access swipe-up-and-hold recent apps. This gesture navigation system works as an attraction in the OnePlus 7 and I found the phone to help with a single-handed use than before. Thanks Google.

The updated oxygen OS UI is interesting

With every Android update, OnePlus has revised to further refresh the user interface in Oxygen OS. The Android 10 update doesn’t change much on the homescreen but anywhere else, you will see the smart up oxygen OS. OnePlus can see a lot of changes in the settings menu integrated into certain items under general headings. OnePlus will get the customisation setting that includes all the customisation options offered in its oxygen OS, i.e. the accent color, icon shapes, universal themes, the amberant display designs and more.
You will also get new privacy and location settings as part of the new Android 10 update. The entire interface now seems to be more organized than the previous version of Oxygen OS. You can choose the interface more colorwise and go for all the stolen dark mode. And in addition to the new changes, you also get the classic oxygen OS features that we used.

In the OnePlus 7 Pro, users can customize colors for Horizon Light in the ambouint display from the four Color option.

Game space to entice gamers

Oppo, Realme May and vivo have provided game space apps on their phones and we have only some time before we can expected it on the OnePlus device. With Android 10 update, it is here and it intelligently connects gaming aids in the oxygen OS into the new unified UI, where you will find everything you need to gaming. As a gamer, this is a great update from the previous version.
In game space, all your games are set in a cool UI. You also get easy access to other gaming-centric settings in oxygen OS along with phenic mode. The days of Hunt for settings menu for these game-friendly settings have ended. Thanks one plus.

Intelligent amberant Display

This is not a new feature but a short update is more useful. The amberant display of OnePlus phones keeps showing notifications at a glance every time you wake up the phone. With Android 10 update, the Ambint display now remembers the location and time and shows stupid notifications.

Hence, you will only see updating notifications when you connect to a Wi-Fi network in your space. If you are listening to songs, like Google’s now playing UI for pixel phones, the yambyant display song and artist’s name shows up on the display fingerprint sensor on top.

Smart reply is very good but there is no worldwide support in oxygen OS

I have been using Android 10 beatup on the pixel xs for a long time and used a smart reply to gauge answers to all my WhatsApp messages. Whenever you receive messages on WhatsApp or Facebook messaging, the notification suggests one-word answers in reply. Most of the time, it works as intended with English messages (Hinglish is still something Google should learn). I have already seen this feature that makes life easier for Gen Z and businessmen on Android phone. Poor, and not all applications have received global support. Currently, you can see Smart reply options for SMS but in the future, we can see the support of third party messenger like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, hike and more.