New Delhi Dilli: Jammu and Kashmir’s special state status has been abolished and ordinary people have been struggling to live and have crossed the curfew month, about which a Kashmiri has written an open letter to the ISRO chief expressing their feelings.

Dear Dr.Sivan

First of all, I would like to congratulate you and your group for having achieved this wonderful success. You worked hard to make the mission Chandrayaan-2 a success. Unfortunately, Chandrayaan-2 lander Vikram lost the relationship with the ground control room.

I know you want to bring your country to glory heights. Who doesn’t want to do anything for their country. I know how painful it is when you are in touch with someone and you lose relationship with them. I also lost the relationship with my moon a month ago. My moon is my mother. She is living in Bud Gam in Jammu and Kashmir. I could not speak to him for several weeks.

You are a very big scientist and you know how to manage the situation. Still you will cry before PM. The heart hurts when someone is very close to you and when you can’t talk to him. But I think you are very lucky. PM hugs you. You have been dubbed and assured that everything will be alright. But look at me. I am very unfortunate. It’s passed a month. I have not received any contact with my family. To reassure me, no one came to give me comfort.

Our respectable Prime Minister has not spoken a single word about people like us. For those who lost contact with their families. Sir, somewhere we and yours are the same. You say we are doing our utmost to set up a communication with lander Vikram. I’ve been trying hard to stay in touch with my family since last one month.

I also think that Vikram is associated with the lander. But the chances of me being acquainted with my family seem to be thinner. Sir, do you know it’s very disturbing? I know this pain comes when your native countrymen are away from you. They have no sympathy for your regret. They will not console you and show sympathy.

Sir, I want to say again that you are very lucky. When you talk about losing a connection with a lander, there is a flood of posts that give confidence and enthusiasm on social media. But I am sitting alone here. I am writing a letter to you