Even the filmmakers who are able to stay ahead of the game face a step when the game is catching up with them, and at times they leave them very back. New filmmakers come, styles develop, Old masters. The split is inhaled. For about two decades to the end of 1990, Joshi is a name for mass entertainers in Malayalam cinema.

For the past two decades, he has been struggling to stay relevant, although he was able to charge a surprise or two once. In Poranju Mariam Jose, who can be seen and tried to embrace a filmmaker who closely observes the changing rules of the game, how is the film trying to make out the different flavour of rural Trishur? Set. But the period of 1980 is, perhaps, to be the hat of his own days. Although, there are places where this setting is organically missing or not felt.

Poranju Mariam Jose
Lead cast: Joju George, Chemban Vinod, Nila Usha
Director: Joshi
The film tells the story of the rare bond between Mariam (Nila Usha), who gives money from a high background and the Battle of Poranju (Joju George) and Jose (Chemban Vinod). Poranju fell in love with Mary back in his school days, although the unfortunate incident prevents them from coming together, although they share the same intense love. Kabila-controlled Porinju is a local tufi and he is a personal bodyguard for the wealthy businessman Ipe (Vijayaraghavan). The local church perinal, Jose and Boranju horns Prince (Rahul Madhav), the grandson of Ipe, lock horns, which leads to a reflex wheel.

As far as revenge stories are concerned, Poranju… Very able to be able, and can sometimes be machted. This is much more of a serious reason for retaliation and a lazy-written one-note character, the main adversary. In this village, everything seems to have been built around the annual Perunaal. So, the film is everything that happens between a peruanna and the latter, and villains are also waiting to avenge each year!

But what can be seen is the range and performances of the characters, especially Chemban and Joju. They were all written in colorful, and they had a lot of life. Ipe’s character is rarely seen in movies; The patriarch of a wealthy family, he is torn between the love for a friend (Gunda) and the care of his disobedient children who are after the life of the Goon.

Even if there are no such differences or thrilling elements in the main story, there is more mystery in the ongoing real world dispute over whether the script is original. Joshi tried to make the best of his skills to sync with the changing times, but the lack of a script of the DRI script — which reminds one of his best films — proves to be a dumpner.