According to a recent study, pomegranate juice has the power to increase brain development in congenital babies. Read more.

Drinking pomegranate juice during pregnancy will improve brain development and connectivity in unborn babies.

Pomegranate juice is especially a great source of Polyfenalis, which cross the blood-brain barrier.

Polyfenalis containing tonic acid and ellagitanin are a part of the antioxidants that are available in many foods and beverages, including nuts, berries, red wine and teas.

“Our study provides basic clues to the potential protective effects of newborn infants who are infected with pomegranate juice,” says Terry Inder, senior writer from Brigham and Womens Hospital in the US.

“These investigations seek a continuous investigation into the potential neuroprotective effects of polyfenalis in newborn infants who are in danger like hypoxic-ischemic injury,” Inder said.

In a study published in PLOS One Journal, the team exhibits its basic results from a clinical trial of the expected mothers, whose children suffer from intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR).

In the IUGR cases, the baby in the womb measures small at the age of conception, often due to problems with the Mavi, which brings oxygen and nutrients to the growing embryo. One in every 10 infants is considered to have IUGR.

The current random, controlled study diagnosed 78 mothers with IUGR during 24-43 weeks of pregnancy.

Women are randomized to adopt eight OUN’s pomegranate juice or polyphenol-free taste/calorie matching playsibon. Women drink juice daily from enrolment to delivery.

The team measures many aspects of brain development and injury including infant Brain Macrostructure, microstructural organization and functional connectivity.

Although the team did not notice the differences in the brain structure, they found regional differences in white Mater microstructure and functional connectivity.

“These measures indicate how the brain develops actively. We do not see a difference in brain growth and the growth of infants, but there has been an improvement in the development of kebuling network and brain, measured by contemporary blood flow and visual development of the brain, “Inder said.

Published: August 24, 2019 8:55 am | Updated: August 24, 2019am. to 8:56am
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