The central government is expected to make the GST system more flexible. It is taking steps to ensure that taxpayers ‘ Sulubhaas returns are filed. That is why we have proposed a new approach.

These decisions were taken at the 31st meeting of the GST Council. The new GST return system will be brought to taxpayers. It will be used experimentally between July and September.

The new GST system consists mainly of three components. One is the Meir return (form GST RTO 1), while the rest are two supplementary fams (form Jsti aenx1 and Form Jsti aenx2).

It is clear that all the taxpayers over the gross annual turnover of Rs 5 crore in the year prior to October are mandatory to submit Annexure-1 with the details of outside supply. In the month of October and November, large taxpayers have filed a GST return-01 from the December returns.