Miss Teen Asia World

Miss Teen Asia World 2019-21 beauty contest winner Dallas-based Saiyasha Curry is the winner. The beauty queen was crowned at a ceremony at Plano Evening Center in Texas. The competition is aimed at educating Asian American women and striving for their empowerment. It is a cultural and scholarship event organized to recognize the achievements of women and encourage them. It enables the world to introduce the diverse cultures of India, China, Philippines and other Asian countries including Vietnam. Similarly reflects Asian American culture.

Sasha’s parents Shashi Karri and Nag Karri are working as IT professionals in the US. From a young age, Saisha has a passion for Indian culture and traditions. She has been learning Kathak for the past 11 years and will make her debut in November this year. She is also active in many charities. Founding a charitable organization named Charitable Students of America Code and conducting various charities. On the weekends, Nepal and Bhutan work with charities to provide food, clothing and other items to refugees in Bhutan. Apart from service since childhood, Sasha has been crowned as the crown jewel of the business.