Movie Name: ‘Manmadhudu-2’

Cast: Akkineni Nagarjuna – Rakul Preet Singh – Lakshmi – Rao Ramesh – Vennela Kishore – Jhansi – Nishanti
Music: Chaitan Bhardwaj
Photography: M.Sukumar
Story Contribution: Satyanand
Words: Kittu Vissapragada – Rahul Ravindran
Screen – Play: Rahul Ravindran – Satyanand
Producer: Akkineni Nagarjuna – Kiran
Directed by: Rahul Ravindran

For two years, Akkineni Nagarjuna’s career did not go smoothly. He is well behind in the race with a series of failures. Rahul Raveendran, who made his directorial debut with ‘Chi Chou Sou’ in this film, ‘Manmadhudu – 2’. The film’s special interest came when Nag’s career became a cult movie with the title of ‘ Manmadhudu ‘ being used. Its teaser – trailer was also impressed. Let us see to what extent the film has been able to meet the expectations of the film, which came before the audience today.

The story of Manmadhudu-2 Movie:

Shyam alias Sambashivarao (Akkineni Nagarjuna) is a fearful middle-aged man. He fell in love as a teenager and didn’t want a long-term relationship with the girls. He does not have any contact with the girls. But Shyam’s mother .. the girls are trying to marry him. Shyam begins to marry a girl named Avanthika (Rakul Preet), unable to see her mother’s pain. And he comes into the family with unexpected consequences. Shyam plays with the help. Whether or not Shyam is finally married is the rest of the story.

Manmadhudu-2 Story – Analysis:

Nagarjuna asserted that the movie was not a sequel to the earlier film. But since the title is used, it is natural for audiences to expect that level of fun from Manmadhudu – 2. In addition, there is no doubt that Nag still wants charm from him. And even in musical terms, Manmadhudu expects the level of output. But in all these cases Manmadhudu – 2 is utterly disappointing. It doesn’t even exist in the neighborhood. Rahul Raveendran has made the Manmadhudu – 2’a very boring, but it is frustrating enough that he has taken Manmadhudu’s mind completely out of the theater.

Nag said that it is very well connected to a French film .. Nag & Co also stated how hard it was to manipulate the story to the tune of our audience. But no matter how hard it is, we are not able to think of any version of our movie telephone. The film, which goes completely in Portugal, has completely missed the nativity factor. The story here is based on a foreign theme, so it’s not as if you can’t connect. Rahul Ravindran and team failed to connect the story of the hero .. Even though Nag tried so hard to be a playboy, his age seemed too artificial. This does not connect with the character from the beginning. Rahul also tried to sync the family emotions into the dialogues – the dialogues with most of the adult dose. But they are not involved. In the end, Adult Dose is some of the most well-written dialogues .. Vennela Kishore .. Rao Ramesh’s comedy is not remarkable in the moments of Manmadhudu – 2.

The original ‘Manmadhudu – 2’ story was based on a French film but .. there is nothing special about taking the content from there. How many of the heroes in Telugu did not see love as a teenager, only to fall in love and develop anti-marriage sentiment? We also have a lot of stories about the drama of bringing a girl who can not afford to fight at home for a wedding. None of the items that seem so special are seen in ‘Manmadhudu – 2’. Introducing the hero character in the beginning .. Vennela Kishore Marku comedy .. With some adult rated jokes, the audience is very excited but the story starts to get a little worse. The heroine is yet to gain momentum with her debut .. Surprisingly dull. The hero’s deal with the heroine, the wedding drama, everything seems artificial. With no newfound scenes, Manmadhudu starts boring from half an hour after the telephone. The interval bang was also lightened.

In the second half, however, the Manmadhudu – 2 almost wakes up. The story is completely disconnected with the characters and the boring episodes of the film completely groove. Vennela Kishore in the middle .. If Rao Ramesh does not share the situation can get worse. If their comedy gives a little relief .. The film will not increase interest. The end seems to be a lousy ending, but Manmadhudu seems to have become -2. Brahmanandam also shines at one point in the film. In the picture of the little counter-sequel to the escalator episode that seemed to be Hilarious in Manmadhudu. One scene near the scene, we go into Manmadhudu’s imagination. But that does not mean that what we are seeing is that the name of the movie is great.


Causes Manmadhudu Somewhere in this age, At the same time, there is a feeling that age has an impact on Nagarjuna. Fans will be disappointed if they expect Nag to mesmerize with his charm. So Nag is his chalaki in some places .. Romantic acting impressed is also true. But despite his age, he failed to satisfy his audience. Rakul Preet Bold Looks .. Acting seemed okay. Rakul looked different from the previous movie. But Rakul was unable to make a special impression as the character flashed. Senior actress Lakshmi has shown her experience in some scenes. Vennela Kishore .. Rao Ramesh entertained well. Jhansi .. Devadarshini .. Nisanthi has been cast for the roles. The rest of the cast is okay.


Music of Chaitan Bharadwaj of Fame fame. How often Manmadhudu should be mentioned here. There is not a single song on the album that stands at the bottom of the album. After the movie, a single song will not remember. Will not hear again. Songs somehow come and go. Never mind the background music. Sukumar’s cinematography was impressive. Portugal showed the city well. The visuals are impressive throughout. The film is rich. But Rahul Ravindran cooked the script with the help of Satyanand. Originality is missing in this story. Rahul failed to make the lead role appealing to our audience. Rahul is nowhere near as natural in his debut film. Probably not his own story. Adult content on one side .. Focus on the other side family emotions, the film is getting worse.

Rating: – 2.5 / 5