Truecaller App Most Famous worldwide. The app is unique in that it details the numbers that come to the mobile. However, it has been recently revealed that user account details can be misused with the Truecaller App. Security researcher Ehraj Ahmed has discovered a major flaw in the app. He noted that the details of clients in Trucaller can be detected based on canceled and dysfunctional phone numbers. In case of misuse of a Trucaller account, the Trucaller Mobile Number Verification Number can be signed by the TrueSDK code.

However, this error will only help cyber attackers to log into the Trucaller number verification system, and once someone logs into the account of the Trucaller’s account through the Attacker Number Verification System .. He explained this in a video. This includes a message from the Truecaller chat to a dysfunctional mobile number. It has emerged as the Airtel Customer Care Center. To this end, Airtel and Vodafone have responded to the misuse of Trucaller’s accounts by saying that Ahmed’s efforts were great and that he had discovered the shortcomings. The companies have revealed that they will work with him. They said that they will take care of any problems in the future.