Movie Name: Kausalya Krishnamurthy
Genre: Emotional Sports Drama
Lead cast: Aishwarya Rajesh, Rajendra Prasad, Jhansi, Shiva Karthikeyan, Karthik Raju and the others
Music Director: Dibu Nainan Thomas
Producer: Kea Vallabha
Director: Bheeni Srinivasa Rao

Aishwarya Rajesh, who is a busy heroine in Tamil, has been recognized as a good actress by making films that are preferred for acting. I waited for an entry with the right picture in Telugu. That’s why he is giving an entry in Telugu with Kausalya Krishnamurthy. Aishwarya Rajesh is the heroine of the Tamil remake of ‘ Kanaa ‘, which was remade in Telugu as Kausalya Krishnamurthy. Does this film make Aishwarya good success in Telugu? Is Aishwarya good in Tollywood too? Let us see.


Krishnamurthy (Rajendra Prasad) in the village of Iragalam is like agriculture and cricket. On the one hand, if the father is dead, he will be watching the cricket match on the other. Kausalya (Aishwarya Rajesh) is seen putting his father in tears as India lost the match. He is a big cricketer, who has played for India and has won the team and grows up with the idea of pleasing the father. A girl is going to come out of the game Society is looking small.. Making a neighborhood.. Kausalya Krishnamurthy’s story is how Kausalya has achieved his dream.


From childhood, the father grew up watching Iyanya Rajesh has acted beautifully in the role of Kausalya for his father’s dream. The audience was captivated by the feelings of the eyes. Aishwarya’s tooth was seen on the screen of Labour to look like a professional cricketer. Rajendra Prasad has acted well in the role of a farmer who believes in the Earth. He tears in the scenes that show the farmer’s hardships. As Krishnamurti’s wife, Kausalya’s mother showed her experience in the role of Savitri. All three are competing in emotional scenes. Love Kausalya Karthik Raja has acted well in the role of Sai Krishna. Shiva Karthikeyan played a special role. The rest of them were impressed by their role.


Kausalya Krishnamurthy.. Tamil hit Kanaa is a remake of the movie. But if the talk of a film is good in any language, our audience is watching. This can become negative for this film. When it comes to this movie Without missing the feeling in the story, the director Bhimineni Srinivasa Rao is well-directed to our Nativity.

Many pictures have already been in the background of the sport We have also seen in the past movies that have been screened as a theme of cricket. The story of the film is not new The story of the farmers ‘ hardships is part of the story. The movie continues to show cricket as a track.. He tried to tell the greatness of the farmer and agriculture. The side of the cricketer is showing the hardships to grow On the other hand, it shows how difficult it is to live as a farmer in this country and the dire conditions they suffer. However, the narrative is a bit disappointing to ensure the viewer’s imagination.

Dialogues about the farmer, the heroine’s dialogue in the climax is to think. The music of the film is major plus. Music director showed each scene on another level with his background music. Cinematography and editing disciplines are well received by the film. Production values are up to the level of cinema.

Plus points:
Aishwarya Rajesh

Minus points:
Known Story
Unimaginable narrative