The remaining battery of the smartphones will no longer be found under the% code; Instead, it will display how many hours it will withstand. It’s just a sample, there’s more to it!

Google finally revealed the official name of the Android cube. The “sweet-type ” Naming inheritance has been abandoned this time. Google has also submitted its “interpretation ” report that no longer Android versions will receive the same number of sweet-type names.

Some “faults ” in the name do not seem to have any faults in the features of the Android 10 version. If you still say this, it will be called the Android smartphone app and user experience as a whole. What are the new features? Read on to find out.

Multiple Smartphones Exclusive UI!

The Doublecamera smartphone, once viewed as a premium device, has now become a commonplace feature. The triple and quad camera system is moving to the next stage, as well as a multifold, boldable smartphone that is now seen as a big challenge, and is usually crawled in everyones hands.

With that in mind, Google has confirmed that Android 10 will support the exclusive UI for the screen that was revealed last year. This means that the 10 version changes the UI elements and formatting according to the dual display hardware.

Dark Mode-finally arrived!

This feature, confirmed at the end of the Google IO Developer conference, can be found under the battery tape on the settings tree. It is also noteworthy that Google has already brought this mode into its many applications over the past few months.

You have more control over apps to access your lokaation!

Android 10 has upgraded the privacy of the user’s lotation access. So you can completely control how apps collect your location information. You will also get a third option that allows you to access your location only when it is in a specific command or by executing it, except for running and disabling the load service.

Every Google user must download the 7MB app! Why?

Android 10 may have a fast share option!

It is expected that Google will bring a new feature through this new version, allowing it to be easily transdone to files (file). Google is reportedly calling it ‘ fast share ‘. It is noteworthy that the ‘ Android Beam ‘, which has a similar performance, was introduced earlier and it was removed.

Differential Battery Indicator!

The remaining battery capacity indicator is going to switch to Android 10. The OS will display how long it will survive instead of the battery’s percentage. This means that when you see your battery at 7am, you will hear the text ‘ 11 p.m. line. According to some reports, the text will be displayed only after the specified battery condition.

may have different color themes!

Google will not only bring some changes in the UI design of the Android 10 version, but also give users the opportunity to play with colors. We want to indicate that the colors are limited and that it is available under the “Developer Options” option in beta version.

WhatsApp Update: The WhatsApp that introduced 4 new features without the noise!

Connect to WiFi without a password!

This new Android OS is more flexible to connect to a Wi-Fi network. You do not need to type your password each time. You can instead connect to a network using a QR code.

No more third party Oppsse Click on the best photos!

The photos that are usually captured by third-party applications are most “brutally “? It wont be so anymore. The new Android 10 will allow apps to access the deepest information of photos for developers. That is, information about the distance of specific objects from the lens and the sharing of some data. As a result, the quality of the photo is likely to improve.

High level audio and video formats!

Android 10 is supported by more video Codecs. So users can run multiple types of video formats in their smartphones.

New Off Notice!

When you make a presentation that appears in Android 10, you will get several useful options, including to block them. That is, you will get the same options as the siren or keeping it as usual. Only options for Android 9 Pie, Stop Notifications and keep showing are available.

Better coordination with desktops and laptops!

Android 10 featuring ‘ Desktop MoD ‘. This will allow you to easily connect the smartphone to the desktops.