PUBG Mobile is growing enormously, and there are people addicted to it playing it all day and night. Many people started playing PUBG Mobile only for fun and now are pro’s in it. Some of them also stream and earn a good amount of money by streaming the gameplay online on YouTube or Twitch. Players like Dynamo, Mortal, have got recognition by uploading and streaming their gameplay on YouTube and getting few subscribers or fans as well. They are the big names whenever any fan discusses PUBG Mobile or the competitions held by the PUBG officials.

PUBG was an online desktop game before it officially released for mobile users all around the world. Due to which it saw an increase in the number of daily players and got quite popular in no time. Shroud is one of the world’s best players in the game.

Let’s discuss how to play the mobile version of the game on PC for free.

How To Play PUBG Mobile On PC:

After the game was released for the mobile users, as the official desktop version of PUBG was a paid version, PUBG also released an emulator game which would allow PUBG Mobile to be played on the desktop for free via an emulator. This helped people to play the mobile version of the game on bigger screens with excellent graphics for free. You can download the game on your PC and try your hands on it. You can either try the official PUBG emulator the Tencent Gaming Buddy that helps you download the game and install it as well.

You can also try Blue stacks emulator that helps you open .apk extension files on your laptop and use the mobile version of apps on your desktop or notebook. But I only advise you to use it if you have a good graphics card as it may cause your laptop to hang or freeze if you do not have a proper graphics card for your PC.

You can also use the emulator by MEmu player and play quite effectively. But instead of going to all these options using the official emulator is advised as it is the best and commonly used and performs well.

How To Download PUBG Mobile On PC:

PUBG released its mobile version almost a year back, and at the same time, it released the emulator version of the game for PC users who wanted to play the game on bigger screens. Now there are a variety of options for players who wish to play the game on PC but are confused, about the best emulator and where to download it from? So, we have got it covered for you.

Many emulators are out there in the market, but you need to choose the official one as it is the most reliable and the trusted one and made for your PC and other emulators might cause your system lag as well.

Here are the system requirements for your PC if you want to play the game on your PC.

Requirements of PC for PUBG Mobile:

The PUBG team officially declared these requirements on their site.

Minimal Requirements are:

CPU1.8 GHz Dual Code Intel or AMD.
GPU Nvidia GeForce 8600/9600 GT, ATI/AMD Radeon HD 2600/360.
Memory 3GB RAM.
OSWindows 7 or above.
DirectXVersion 9.0c DirectX.
Storage 1 GB for the emulator.

Recommended System Requirements:

CPU2.6 GHz Intel i3 or AMD
GPUNvidia GeForce GTX 660.
MemoryMinimum 4 GB RAM but preferred 8 GB RAM
for smooth gameplay.
OSWindows 7 or above.
DirectXVersion 9.0c of DirectX.
Storage1GB storage for the emulator.

Now, going with Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 will help you play the game on 1080p, and if you have an 8 GB RAM, you might play the game on Ultra HD also. The graphics card helps you play the game at high graphics (1080p or Ultra HD) while the RAM helps the game to continue smoothly and you do not face any lag while playing the game. Going with the minimal requirements enables you to play the game, but you might face some delay when enemies attack you or at the ending of the game when the circle closes.

Advantages of playing PUBG Mobile on PC:

As an emulator player, you get some benefits from the mobile players who play the game on smaller screens and lack proper vision. But there are exceptional mobile players also.

Here is the list of some advantages you have as an emulator player:

Excellent vision– As you get to play the game on a bigger screen, it’s all wide, and you can have a look at enemies far away from you and play it better than mobile players.

Good graphics– If you have a good graphics card, then you can play the game in a better way than average mobile players who play the game on standard graphics.

Available for Free-It is free, and you need not pay anything to experience an excellent game on your PC.

Proper controls– Now while playing the game on PC this comes handy, you can have easy controls, and you need not keep changing the controls according to your comfort as the default controls are perfect and most of the people play it with default controls.

You should also understand that while playing on the emulator, you will only be matched with emulator players and not with any mobile players as the game is set to same difficult standards for all players except for the fact that if you have any mobile players in your group.

For controls, you can check the blue stacks support who gave a detailed view of the controls of the game. Here’s the link:

Some more information on PUBG Mobile:

According to a report,

PUBG Mobile makes almost 4.8 million dollars in a day. Recently, PUBG held its club open world championships and saw almost 35,000 registrations for the world championship, out of which only 16 teams qualified to play the finals in Berlin, Germany.

Out of the 16 teams that qualified there was also SOUL lead by Soul Mortal who did win chicken dinner in the 10th round out of the 16 games held and managed to get 12th position after the finals, no doubt they did their best, but it was a fierce competition. But Soul’s team won the India Finals while participating in the contest and then had their way out to Berlin. Not only the club open but PUBG also held crew challenges, PUBG Mobile India Series which was won by SOUL and many other championships to engage players and get more players to play the online game.

Here’s the exciting part people are so addicted to playing the game that they forget to do their daily activities and are stuck playing the game. But the sad part is people are so involved that they forget about their health and which sometimes results in loss of lives, due to which Gujarat, India banned the game.


So, if you haven’t tried the game yet, you can get the game through the download links and then get on it.

But I advise you not to become an addict of the game and play it in limits, and if you are below 18, then you need to control your emotions while playing the game.

People above 18 are getting addicted to the game, and it has been very much active among teenagers. You need to concentrate on your career rather than playing the game entire day, yeah, many people pursue gaming as a career, but they take some serious measures to take care of their health.

You can play the game for 1-2 hours, but it is not advised to play the game for more than 3 hours as an average individual.

Cheers!! All the best for your game.