There is no particular need to mention pan card. This is also one of the key documents. The income Tax department will issue it. Now the pan card or its digit copy can be used as a validation document. The Central Direct Taxes Board (CBT) has issued a notification. It is clear that the pan card and e-pan have the same identity. 

NSPL Tien (National Securities Depository), Uidai-ITSL (Uidai Infrastructure technology and services) institutions have obtained permission from income tax to issue pan card. Those who have a pan card can go to the websites of these two companies and download the e-pan. 

If you have applied for a new pan card, you will be able to download the E-pan for free. If not, others can download e-pan by paying just Rs 8.26. 

Let’s see how to download E-pan..

Everyone who has applied for a new pan card ✺ or has recently made changes in pan card through the Uidai ITSL portal can download e-pan in PDF form. It is enough to know the pan number and the date of birth. 

You can get e-pan by clicking on the ✺ link. Here you have to enter the pan number and date of birth. The e-Pan download link will then come to email or fo. 

The link to ✺ pan applicant’s phone or email is only active for a month. We can use only three times as well. 

✺ If you are not able to download e-pan from NSL portal, you will have to enter the pan card application Akknowledge number.