To submit income tax return, the head will be in the life. Many people get confused to file ITER. However, the filing of ITER is easy. Know how to submit iter.


  • How to submit income tax returns?
  • It has a large process
  • We have detailed details of how to make tax returns through the Income Tax Department website.

There are a lot of tax payers in Telugu states. Income tax Returns (ITER) is to be filed before August 31, 2019. Income Tax Department website or third party it returns filing websites can easily be paid through free of charge.

There will be seven fams for income tax filing. These are the names of ITER 1, ITER 2, ITER 3, ITER 4, ITER 5, ITER 6 and ITER 7. ITER 1 (Sahaj) shall be filed by the income holders within Rs. 50 lakhs. The same form applies to almost all salaried organisms.

Here is the step by step process to file income tax online

✺ Go to the Income Tax Department website. Make the account as early as you.

✺ Log on after creating account. Click on filing of income tax return

✺ Select the assessment year after. The assessment year is the next year when you will be filing a return. For example, you are filing an ICT return for the financial year 2018-19. Then the assessment year will be 2019-20.

✺ Select the Iter form number, filing type (choose Original/revised return) after. Select the submission mode. Here you have to choose the prefix and subnet online. Then select Continue.

✺ Some details about your income will be automatically fill. If you are doing a job and have no other source of income If you have communicated your investments and expenses to the company. You may not need to fill any data. Only bank details are enough.

✺ Click on the Taxes and Verification tab to provide bank details. Then come to the below-21 bank account details. Enter the details and click on the addon. This must be done accurately. This is useful for the income tax refund to be credited to your account. Come down and click Save Draft.

✺ After, go to each tab from the general information and check the details once. Be careful that the name and address other information is correct.

✺ Click on the Income Details tab now. Here your salary details are all pre-fill. If there are no details, get form 16 from the company. Enter the income details.

✺ Now go to the 5. Gross total income section. Here the details of your dudons should all be correct. The details like life insurance premium, PFOS, NPAS, investments and health insurance premium should be entered. Also, do not forget to check C 15.80 tea interest on savings bank accounts.

✺ Finally, check out the total income for the above. If you feel that all of this is correct Come down and click on Save Draft.

✺ Now needs to check the 80 Zee tab. Any charitable donations should be declared here.

✺ Once again, check out whether all the tabs details are correct. Then go for taxes paid and verification. Come down and click on I wood like to e-verify. Then click on Preview and subset. Click OK now.

✺ Now looks at the ITER preview. Read each item carefully here. Make sure all the details are correct. Then click on Subset.

✺ Now you will get a popup message. Here the ICT returns should be e-verified. If Aadhaar and phone number are linked, select Aadhaar OTP. Otherwise, select Net Banking. Then click on Continue. Now hit the subnet.

✺ If you have successfully completed the process.. You will get a confirmation message. This will include ‘ your return has been uploaded successfully ‘. If you are not e-verified.. This work can be completed within 120 days after the ICT return file. Login with ICT e-filing account. Click on e-Verify in the E-Verify return in my account. Select the option of your choice here and complete the verification.