If you want to play a multiplayer game online, then PUBG would be one of the best game to play with your friends as it has voice chat support that would help you interact with your friends and also help you to make strategies, make plans against your enemies and take action accordingly. PUBG Mobile is an awesome game and a great multiplayer game to play on your mobile sitting in your home.

PUBG Mobile has seen a great rise in several mobile players since the day it was launched, and there was an enormous increase in players when the emulator version of the game was released.

PUBG official released the desktop version of the game for the gaming community and normal players, but it was a paid version. After a year later as PUBG Mobile was launched it also launched the emulator version of the game. After PUBG Mobile was enabled for playing on PC, there was a huge increase in the number of players day to day.

So, it was great news for all the players who faced difficulties playing the game on their mobile, at low graphics or on smaller screens.

After the launch of the emulator, players would play the game on bigger screens with huge graphics and have a clear view of enemies and yeah, all the players loved it. It also saw a great rise in the gaming community as many people started streaming and uploading their gameplay online on YouTube or on Twitch, which subsequently increased their subscribers and fans.

Let’s look on how to download the emulator on your PC and then play the game.

How to Download BlueStacks Emulator on PC

You can download blue stacks emulator on your PC for free, and you need not have the desktop paid version to play PUBG Mobile. Also, many say that the desktop version is too tough to play. So, if you want to enjoy the mobile version of the game on your desktop, you can install an emulator on your PC and get the game going.

Now if you do not have access to the official emulator by PUBG Mobile you can download the blue stacks android emulator and then get PUBG Mobile on your PC.

Downloading Blue Stacks emulator on PC is a piece of cake if you follow these instructions correctly:

  • Search for Blue stacks Android Emulator from your Google or any search engine.
  • Now get onto the official site as the official site is shown on the top of the results.
  • You can see a download option exactly at the center of the official site.
  • Click on the download option.
  • Now, you can choose the download location and click on save.
  • In a few seconds the download starts, based on your internet speed.

You can also download the official emulator by clicking here.

How to Download PUBG Mobile on PC:

After you are done downloading the official Blue Stacks emulator on your PC, you need to follow these instructions to download PUBG Mobile on your PC.

  • Open the Blue Stacks emulator that you have downloaded on your PC.
  • Now you need to get to the Google Play Store on the emulator.
  • Now, sign-in with your official Google account on the Play Store.
  • After the sign-in, you can get on the Play Store and download PUBG Mobile.
  • Now, based on internet speed, the download may take some time.
  • After you have downloaded the game on your PC follow the instructions below to play PUBG Mobile on your PC.

How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC

Now once you are done installing PUBG Mobile on PC, you can follow the below instructions and then get your hands on it.

  • Now go to the apps section of your Blue stacks’ emulator.
  • Now, you can see the downloaded apps on your emulator where you can find PUBG Mobile.
  • Now, open PUBG Mobile from the apps section.
  • You can now close the emulator as it might cause lag in your gameplay.

Advantages of Playing the Game on Emulator

Now, after you have played one or two games on your emulator, you can quickly notice the difference of playing the game on PC and mobile. There is some noticeable difference as emulator lets you play the game on a bigger screen and with high graphics it is a great advantage for emulator players over mobile players.

But you need to know that the emulator players are only matched with emulator players and not with mobile players as might be difficult for mobile players to compete against emulator players.

You can play the game on High and Ultra HD(2k) graphics when you play the game on an emulator. Also, if you have an 8 GB RAM on your PC, it makes the gameplay smoother and lag-free.

Requirements of PC for PUBG Mobile

The PUBG team officially declared these requirements on their site. You need to take care of these requirements as you need to have the minimum requirements to play the game on your PC. Also using a good graphics card is recommended if you need to play lag-free and a smooth game although every game lag when there are enemies ahead, and the circle closes, but it might be slightly better with a good graphics card.

Here are the requirements for your system.

Minimal PC Requirements are:

CPU 1.8 GHz Dual Core Intel or AMD
GPU Nvidia GeForce 8600/9600 GT,
ATI/AMD Radeon HD 2600/360.
Memory 3GB RAM.
OS Windows 7 or above.
DirectX Version 9.0c DirectX.
Storage 1GB for Emulator.

Recommended PC Requirements:

CPU 2.6 GHz Intel i3 or AMD
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 660.
Memory Minimum 4GB RAM,
But preferred 8 GB for smooth gameplay.
OS Windows 7 or above.
DirectX Version 9.0c DirectX.
Storage 1GB for Emulator.


If you are not a gamer or streamer, then you need to understand that this game is highly addictive and not at all suggested for players under 18 years of age. Also, the higher graphics are recommended for gamers and streamer as they play and stream at the same time.

If you are an average gamer and play the game for fun, you can go for minimum graphics or even play the game on mobile. This game also gives you some stress, so you need to limit your daily gameplay to 2-3 hours. Also, I am not advising you to avoid the game; you can play the game but also need to limit yourself as it might cause some serious health issues.

And you also need to focus on your studies and career before you become an addict to the game unless you are a gamer or want to pursue your career in gaming. Till then, happy gaming.