• Ambedkar Overseas Vidyalaya, which succeeds
  • The financial backing for Scheduled Castes who are economically backward
  • Total financial assistance of Rs
  • 14 people benefited from the district last year
  • An invitation to applications this year

Once upon a time, poor students were the grapes of foreign education. After the TRS came to power in a separate state, SC, ST and BC took up the special education scheme. The students of the respective branches are selected on merit basis and are providing financial assistance for PG courses abroad. This has made foreign education easier for poor students. Ambedkar introduced overseas education program in the district through the Department of Social Welfare. Last year 14 students were studying abroad for financial aid. Applications are being invited this year. Applying for a loan for foreign study in the past does not come with it. If it does come, some will give a little. Telangana Government is doing well with the scheme after the coming to power and relaxing the rules. 

Government relaxed regulations
Telangana government has relaxed the rules for poor students studying abroad. Previously, applying to study abroad was only Rs. There should be only two and a half lakhs. Even Rs 10 lakhs are not lenders. Some of those who applied too were offered. Chief Minister KCR has drastically changed the scheme. Ambedkar has been named as the Overseas Vidyaniksha Scheme. Under this scheme, if students are planning to study abroad, they must have achieved 60% marks in the degree. Family income has been increased from Rs 2.50 lakh per year to Rs 5 lakh. In the past, it was increased to Rs. 

Opportunity to study in ten countries The
government provides financial assistance of Rs 20 lakh through the Ambedkar Overseas Scholarship Scheme to help poor students pursue higher education in the US, London, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, France and South Korea. The government also provides visa and air fares. In addition to attaining 60% marks in the relevant degree, they must also have qualified in the GREET, TOPEL, IELTS and other language courses conducted by foreign universities. Similarly, the seat should be in foreign universities. Eligible SC students with visa and passport along with caste certification and income certification from the service are required to apply on the ePass website. 

14 students abroad in 2018–19 ..
14 students went abroad to pursue PG education last year. Of these, eight are in the US, five in Australia and one in Canada. Out of which Rs. 20 lakh was given to 11 persons and Rs. 10 lakh to three. 

for Applications for the Year This year invites applications for foreign education. Two applications were made. Have completed their Inquiry. Once that process is completed, you will have the opportunity to study abroad. 

Higher Education  
Government With the introduction of Ambedkar Overseas Vidyalaya Scheme, many poor students have access to higher education. Those who are not economically affordable are shying away from studying abroad. The scheme introduced by the government has made it possible for many economically deprived to pursue higher education abroad. There is a deadline for application.  
 – Department of Social Welfare DD Rajkumar