Reliance Jio has given Airtel a deflated counter. Bumper has announced an offer to compete with Jio Fiber Services. Jio Fiber Service Activation has announced that it will offer a free TV along with a set-up box for users. With the announcement of the Jio Sensation, it has emerged among other competing telecom operators. However, Airtel has come up with an offer to take Jio to itself. Airtel has also announced the offer of a free TV along with a set-up box. According to reports, Airtel is offering digital entertainment and fast broadband services.

Airtel device launch in September:
A customized Android based setup top box will be launched in September. This device allows Airtel customers to easily access premium OTT content, streaming applications, HD TV channels, virtual reality applications and interactive gaming services. Airtel Bandel Smart Setup Top Box and HD LED TV, led by Sunil Mittal, a telecom major, will also be offered free of charge, the report said.

Offering 4K Setup Top Box, 4K or HD LED TV or PC Free by Welcome Offer offered by Jio Fiber. Jio offers these options for all home brand customers to choose from Animal Data Plans. Airtel will also be offering integrated tariff packs to compete with Jio. The smart setup top box service will be made available to mid-top end postpaid mobile users, home broadband and DTH digital TV customers, the report said. Airtel will be providing unified home users using coverage telecom services.

Airtel V-Fiber .. 3 data plans are:
Airtel also offers additional data from Airtel V-Fiber, a broadband service offered by Airtel. Offering up to 1K GB of data on all three data plans. Additional data can be obtained with a 6 month time limit. It already offers 200GB of data through the Rs799 data plan, offering up to 100GB limit with 40Mbps speed. Airtel V-Fiber on the Rs 1,099 plan can get up to 500GB in 6 months. Limit up to 300GB of data with 100Mbps of original speed. The Rs 1,599 data plan offers 300Mbps speed with 600GB of data and up to 1K GB of free data. Users can also get Unlimited Local, STD calls, various Airtel Thanks Benefits on all three plans.

Reliance Jio .. Jio Fiber to the Home (FTTH) broadband service will be launched on September 5. These data plans offer between Rs.700 to Rs.10,000 per month. Jio also offers other services such as content streaming, online gaming, and mixed reality services.