Are you looking to earn money online? Do you want to spend your leisure time by earning money online? Do you want to earn money online but you don’t know how to get started? Then don’t worry, you have reached the right place. We have covered all of it here. Let’s get on board.

Making money online isn’t an easy task. Many of you might think you can get it instantly without any hard work; then you are entirely wrong. None of the people who started earning money online got it immediately; it takes over 5-6 months to make money from online except if you are a content writer who gets paid instantly for his articles or blogs.

Earning money online needs a lot of patience and hard work. There are lots of methods which helps you make money online, but not all of them are reliable, and not all of them are trustworthy. You can trust only some of them. Many of you might think data entry jobs are quite steady, but most of the data entry jobs online are fraudulent, and you cannot trust all of them.

Here I have mentioned some great ways by which you can start earning money but remember it always takes some patience and hard work to make money online. Let’s get started:

  1. Blogging:

The most secure and one of the best way to earn money online, and if you get recognised the easiest way to make money online is blogging. Writing blogs is the safest way to make money online, and if you are a good and consistent writer, then blogging also gives you fame and lets the world recognise you as a potential blogger. For blogging, all you need to do is select a particular topic that you want to write on and then start expressing your thoughts on that.

You must have complete knowledge about the topic you are going to write as you need to keep in mind that people who go through your blog are potential readers and they know about that particular topic.

How do you start as a blogger?

Firstly, you need to select a genre in which you need to write a blog and then get all the information you can about the topic.

For example, you need to write about food and travel in a particular place then you need to collect complete details on which places to go around that place when to visit the site, what food is the area famous? etc.,

Then you need to start the blog with some catchy phrases or by asking some questions and then start writing your blog but do remember to keep your blog into three sections that would be an introduction, main body and conclusion and also remember to break the main body into headings and sub-headings for better understanding.

Also, remember to break sentences in between otherwise your blog becomes wordy, and the reader might lose interest in reading your blog and remember to write the blog in such a way that it’s interactive and keep the language simple, so the reader understands it quickly.

  1. Content Writer:

Blogging and content writing are two different things they might seem the same, but there’s a lot of difference between these two. A blogger writes blogs on his own and publishes his blogs or articles on social media sites or his web site. A content writer works, or you can say he/she writes articles for an organisation. A content writer writes on a topic given by the organisation and has to submit the blog before the deadline.

After the submission of the blogs, the writer is paid some decent amount of money from the organisation.

Become a content writer is also not as easy because the quality of your articles must be excellent and satisfactory to be approved by the organisation.

  1. Becoming a YouTuber

The most trending and one of the hardest way to make money online is by becoming YouTuber. Becoming a YouTuber is never easy, and you have to take your chances of becoming a YouTuber. For becoming a YouTuber, you need to be very much confident about your talent. Nowadays, many people pursue YouTubing as their career, and no doubt, some of them are successful.

You can choose any job to become a YouTuber, and you can vlog, you can teach, you can unbox a product, you can play games, you can cook and post your videos, anything you are interested. YouTuber’s career very much depends on their subscribers, i.e., people who view their videos.

If he/she has the right amount of subscribers and has excellent views on his channel, then his channel can be monetized by YouTube and can start earning, but getting money from YouTube is a risky task as it is never consistent, and you can’t say that you will be receiving a definite amount of income every month.

Here are some successful YouTubers who make a decent income from their channel (Indian YouTubers):

  1. Mortal- streams pubg
  2. Dynamo- streams pubg.
  3. Mumbiker Nikhil – travel and lifestyle vlogger.
  4. 4.BB Ki vines- comedy channel.
  5. CarryMinati- roaster.
  6. TVF – web series.

These were some independent and group YouTube channels that earn a decent amount of income from YouTube.

  1. Become an Online Tutor:

We all know that it’s an online world where everything is available in our hands, from booking movie tickets to getting a product delivered at your doorstep or might be a lesson you skipped in today’s class everything is available at your hands in your smartphone. So, you can also earn money online just by teaching classes. Many online platforms are searching for online tutors who can post online videos about a particular topic/ subject and then they will pay you a decent amount of money. Some of the platforms are Udemy, unacademy etc.,

So, if you are an expert in any subjects like physics, mathematics, biology, Hindi, Telugu, or any engineering subjects, then you can approach any online tutorial site and make a right amount of money from there.

  1. Surveys & Reviews:

You can also earn money online by answering some surveys or reviews about your organisation or about the places you visit. Google maps conduct reviews about sites you visit and also gives you some perks after you reach a certain level.  Many organisations offer you money only for taking surveys and answering them to earn money but also there are many fraudulent who back off while paying so you need to be careful about the organisation before taking part in such surveys.

  1. Online Publishing:

There are authors everywhere, and you need to recognise the author within you and start. There is author inside you bring him down to paper and start penning your thoughts and who knows your book might be the bestselling as there are new ways of publishing your books which doesn’t even require a publishing company. Amazon offers such authors to write their stories and post them on Amazon Kindle and also pays the authors for their work. It also paves a path for your journey to becoming an author and gets recognised by people all around the world.  Not only Amazon Kindle, but you can also publish e-books and sell them online or on your website, which will help you keep your profits to yourself and earn a decent amount of money.

These were some great techniques which would help you earn the right amount of money online. Apart from these, you can also make money online from translating, affiliate marketing, selling products online, Amazon provides good deals for sellers so you can check sell products on Amazon site where you can list all the products you want to sell and earn a decent amount of money. You can also make money from web designing, forex trading it involves some risk, by selling old stuff on Olx and Quickr.


So, if you are trying to earn a right amount of money from online, then you can try any of these which would help you get some cash for your monthly pocket money or some even more which you can use to start a business. You can then begin a website on which any of these techniques can be applied to earn the right amount of money. That’s all from my side. Hope you succeed and like the articles. Cheers!!