Nowadays there are only a few certainties in life. After night, seasons and taxes. And smartphones. You will be spoilt for choice irrespective of any price point in your mind. As a consumer, it is always a great place. For this exclusive exercise, we will zone on the RS 20,000 and the whereabouts ready to spend on the new Android phone. What are your choices? The most efficient Samsung Galaxy M 40, the Vivo v 15 with its pop-up camera or the Oppo F 11 Pro pulls it with its beautiful design. But hang on. If you don’t consider the Redmi K 20 by Xiaomi, you can change the cash you earned on your own. The K-series is the latest bomb shell that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has fallen in the Indian market, and there is also a slightly more expensive REDMI K 20 Pro in this lineup.

The Redmi K 20 comes in two variants. There is 6 GB RAM and 64 GB storage option, which is priced at Rs 21,999 and if you want more storage immediately, you can opt for 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage option, which is priced at 23,999 rupees. Be careful about this pick as there is no memory card slot for the Redmi K 20. Choose, and then your cloud storage option.

The Xiaomi Redmi K 20 offers an attractive carbon black, very sophisticated glacier blue and bright flame red colour options. Black and white phones are no longer done and these colours also add to that personality. The Redmi K 20 is a phone, which is good to hold. The combination of metal and glass has its advantages, and good form is one of them. Yes, you may feel that this is very slippery initially, but it’s a habit for you. It weighs 191 grams, but does not always seem huge. There are also snaps well in hand, because there is a slight curve on both sides of the back, which goes well with the shape of the hand. To convert the phone into a visual treat, Xiaomi certainly has a lot of ideas in the ‘ Aura Design ‘ philosophy. For example, the rear panel has darker color in the middle – you can assume racing stripes. Before you see how light reflects from it. There is a USB type-C which allows fast charging capabilities and removes it if the modernity check list is ever contained. And also has a good old 3.5 mimi headphone jack.

It may not necessarily apply to everyone, but in Formula 1 Restrack, Romine Grossjean and Kevin Magnusen attract the fingerprints of the red MI K 20 Pro as easily as they attract each other, and the team principal must be to the obscenity of the gunner trainer. Slap the defensive case on this or keep your peace forever.

The 6.39-inch display of the Xiaomi Horizon calls it AMOLED. 2,340 x 1,080 resolution and the Gorilla Glass 5 field at the front and back make it. Press the Power key and you have no doubt that it is a bright screen. It’s great news if you want to use this outdoors too-it’s a smart phone, and you scroll foolishly through a Web page or email while you go to office from your car. After the MIUI interface is loaded and browsing through your favorite apps, turning through photos and starting catching the latest episode of the Netflix Show Society, you will notice how crisp and bright the show is. It supports high dynamic range (HDR) until HDR enabled content is present on your video streaming apps. The scholarship of this real estate is very much liked – it is equally comfortable to hold the e-book for you when you watch Netflix or are scrolling through Instagram feed.

Under the hood of Redmi K 20 is the Kwal Cam Snapdragon 730 processor, which has 6 GB RAM. This is the default state of the tune, there is only a difference whether you want 64GB of internal storage or 128GB of internal storage. It’s one of the newest Qualcomm chips, and while switching between apps, it’s not noticed that I’m talking any sort of slowness or noise at any time when opening new apps or doing it with the smartphone. Anyone can always suggest at the spec shear that Xiaomi might have played a more powerful processor (read, Snapdragon 855 or similar), but the fact of the matter. But I want to add a lot of source of similarity to car-based yet here. Why do some buy a hatchback with a 1.2 litre engine instead of a sedan with a 1.5 litre engine, but both will cost the same amount of money. Earlier they were powerful for their needs.

In fact, it is a well-optimized version of MIUI skin wrapped around Android, and it makes all the difference in this merger of hardware and software. On the face of it, it’s definitely not a gaming phone, but you’ll be surprised. The game Turbo 2.0 mode enhances the touch response when you are gaming and more resources are allocated to ensure that you do not have to remeditate on the Adreno 618 graphics with unnecessary information that you want to focus on at that time. I did not notice that the result was very smooth and detailed graphics and the frame was torn and the frames were left out.

Empowering this brilliance is the 4,000 mah battery. It is easily one and a half days with moderate use and when you are cautious about the display brightness. The Redmi K supports 20 18-watts fast Charging (the Redmi K 20 Pro supports 27-watt sonic charge, to point out good differences). If you want to make full use of these fast charging statistics, you must buy the fast charger separately-the 27-watt fast charger is priced at 999 rupees. One might say that the likes of OnePlus will be adding the fast charger with the phone, but again, you also spend a lot more for those phones.

Then there is the small matter of the cameras. On the back, you have a triple camera setup, which includes a 48-megapixel sensor, an 8-megapixel telephoto lens and a 13-megapixel upper wide angle lens. All except the primary sensor Sony IMX582, and 4K video recording and laser autofocus system are all in line with the Redmi K20 Pro. The Redmi K 20 (and indeed the Redmi K 20 Pro) have been the best photography phones in the Redmi lineup so far. The daytime photos are well-detailed, crisp and colored. The portents are well applied and the broad shots are crisp as well. Indoor shots and low-light photos appear to be a lot of distortions when you zoom on the photo. All said and done, these really need to be bit of photography without making mistakes Red and REDMI cameras are pretty good going in the right direction.

The front-facing camera has 20-megapixel one houses in the pop-up mechanism, which looks amazing with the LED border. It is not fast to be employed, focused and ready. It’s not really a problem with selfies, but it’s a little annoying when you use face unlock to go into your own phone.

As we have identified earlier, you have some really effective phones that you can opt for if you have a budget of nearly 20,000 rupees. But if all things are considered, we will tell you that the Redmi K 20 should be at the top of the shortlist. Great design, excellent performance, discreet performance and a lot of capable cameras really stop the distinctive checklist that many users have. The thing is, I thought the Redmi K 20 was much more costly than it really was. And it is priceless.