I have been trying for ages to get a detailed text broker review on the site. I am determined to wait until I find someone who will make the right effort to work on this content mill, rather than a person who has not traveled for just two weeks. I am glad to say that finally, I have found the person!

Heather wrote 150 + stories for text broker, so it is in the right position to provide a comprehensive and honest review – we have a specialty here in the home working club. She is also kind enough to scatter her text broker review well with a lot of internal tips to earn more money on the platform.


What is a text broker?

The text broker is a content mill. It is the company that pays freelance authors to write content to his clients — usually at a lower cost.

Customers sign up with the site to order different stories for their blogs or websites and choose from a pool of tasks that the authors are writing to complete.

The text broker acts as a mediator, facilitates the platform for work, collects payments from customers and distributes payments to writers after an appointment is completed.

If you have been writing for long, there is a good chance that you have already heard about the text broker. It was John Becker-Phochler’s idea, and the first content market that went online in 2007.

The text broker works worldwide with writers in different countries. To determine whether you can write for a text broker in your country, you can click on the flag on their homepage and see whether you will be able to find it using the drop-down menu. This text broker review is based on the company’s US-based website.

Registering with Textbroker

The registration process is straightforward. You should provide your personal information, pass in some basic exams for grammar and spelling and provide the company with the original writing model.

If you agree, you should email some documents such as tax information to them and a photo of your state issued ID or driving license. This needs to be paid. Identity verification takes a few days (from a week), but you can start working on the site while you are waiting. You must have a PayPal account to receive payments.

Your profile

When you wait for your documents to be accepted, you can create your profile. The beginning of the re-res (contact information is not allowed), education, experience, the kind you specifically wrote, the three original essay patterns that are not sold, the languages you speak, your hobbies and interests and the places you have travelled. . There is also a choice to set the profile picture and choose your live order rate (more after this).

Text Broker rating System

The text broker has a star rating system which determines how much you pay for each word. When you first start writing for the text broker, your rating will be determined by the quality of your initial writing pattern and the tests you take. Editors of the site review every fifth story you write for grammar, spelling, content, etc. Submitting high-quality content can help you improve your rating. You have permission to accept written tasks that are categorized in or below your star rating.

I started at three stars and moved up to four stars in a week or two, which is not very difficult. You have to be careful to maintain the same quality of writing level or you are at risk of being reduced to low star rating. This did not happen to me, but I have heard complaints from other writers. However, if you improve your writing, you can go back and get your ranking back; This is not permanent.

Here’s what a text broker can pay to each word based on your star rating:

  • 2 stars: Average quality content: 0.7 cents for the word.
  • 3 stars: Good quality content: 1.0 cents for the word.
  • 4 stars: Very good quality content. 1.4 cents for each word.
  • 5 stars: Excellent quality content: 5 cents for the word.
  • (To become an author of 5 stars your writing must be almost perfect. You should also pass the critical Proof reading test).

Completing tasks on text broker

The open assignments are given in the “author pool” by Star level. You can search your dashboard to find all the tasks available to you at your writing level. Short description, rate of payment, number of words required and time allotted to complete the order.

The types of work available are varied. I have written product reviews for work boots and welders, rewrite for brochures and how to choose the best air freshener for your car, there are also some interesting pieces up to the best of places to surf in Puerto Vallurta!

To get more details about the commissioned, you can click on it and open a page listing the client’s needs, including keywords, writing style, specific suggestions and more. When you look at the commissioned, it is temporarily removed from the author’s pool when deciding whether you want to finish it. You have ten minutes to examine it and choose whether you are interested in writing that part. You can only accept one order at a time.

Writing your Articles

Once you have selected a story to write, click Accept and you are ready to start the task entrusted. A box appears where you entered your text. I strongly recommend that you write your essay on word or Google Docs, and copy and paste it in the text broker interface. This will not only make sure your work is saved, but also have a copy of the article for you.

Once you have presented an essay, it’s gone, can’t be seen again. I don’t know about you, but I like to see my efforts again and again and use it as required in my portfolio. (Note that you cannot publish it anywhere else because you are selling the full ownership of the article to the client.)

When you finish and everything is complete, tap submit and you are done. Now please wait for the client to return or agree to revision. (You can start a new assignment while you are waiting.) If the client is dissatisfied with an article, they need to be sent back for at least one revision before they reject it.

When you start first, sometimes the editor will send it back for changes and give you some “constructive criticism”. If you are super sensitive like me, it looks stricter. Don’t do what I have done and don’t cry about it. (Yes, I did!) Kindly accept that as a way to improve your skills and do what is asked. In rethinking, the experiences of these practises are priceless.

Apart from copying (it will have to pay but may take up to one month), the client in the text broker has only four days to accept your story. If they forget this after expiry, the article will be automatically accepted. To me, it’s definitely “pro.” Your writing is of good quality and it is guaranteed that you will get the money. Rejecitations are uncommon. (In the 158 articles I have written I have only two rejecitations. The first is that I mentioned earlier and the second is the only way to solve the technical problem and the client and I have both agreed).

If you are unable to complete the essay at the time you are assigned, it will automatically end and go into the rewriting measure. This is frustrating if you have already half done it. One alternative to this is that you can cancel the order if it appears that the deadline is too fast (first you can save all your tasks), and then let it go back to the author’s pool. You can then refresh your screen and accept the order again immediately. This will give you another day to complete your work, but you can only do this once per article.

You will not be fined for cancelling or expiry of the order, but you must cancel it as soon as you know that you are not going to complete it politely to other authors (and clients!). This allows someone to be available for writing.

Obtain payment via text broker

To get the money you must have at least $10 in your account. To find out how much is in your account, you’ll see it in the Payment tab. This is also the place where you request payment. You have to make it manually on Thursday night at 11:59 hrs Pacific time.

Your payment will be deposited to your PayPal account on Friday before the end of the day. I was always paid for the afternoon, before EST, as clockwork. PayPal does not have the fees to receive your text broker payment.

If you do more than $600 in the calendar year, the text broker will send you a 1090 form to submit your taxes. You can download your income statements from the site by clicking on the payment per week. Remember this information before tax time, especially if you know you have to pay self-employment tax.

How to increase your text broker incomes

In addition to increasing levels of your incomes, there are some other ways to earn more money in the text broker:

Direct commands

If the client is impressed with your work, they will have the opportunity to request you for another project. This is called a direct order. You can set your own direct order price and you can also set different rates for different customers.

The text broker will not restrict you on this so you can configure your direct order price even if you like. Nonetheless, it must be reasonable enough to ensure that clients do not want to give an order with you. I have decided to double my direct order price to regular rates and I will receive these orders every week. You can experiment with the rates and negotiate with the customer through the internal messaging system.

One way I get direct commands is to send a message of thanks to the client and inform them that I enjoyed working in their essay. If they wish to amend or change this, I am saying that I am happy to do so. I remind them that if they want to work with me again, they have a direct order choice. I think there will be a difference in this small exchange of information.

Important NOTE: Never give your outside contact information to the client. This is a violation of the guidelines of the site. The only way to communicate directly with the client is through the internal messaging system. I have learnt the tough way in which editors read these messages, so do not try to skip the system by incorporating your email or announcing your services outside the text broker. I am fortunate enough to indulge in a warning.

Team Orders

The second way to increase your incomes is to apply to be a member of one or more text broker teams. Team orders are typically for managed clients who have bulk orders. They are more than remuneration, sometimes almost double. You need to have a 4 or 5-star rating to apply for the team. Most teams have a brief application, which requires a quick writing pattern. If you agree, your screen will appear on the left side when the team commands are available.

You have permission to take the team order and order from the general writing pool at the same time. (You can also do this with direct orders) team orders sometimes have more than the usual order of time approval.

I will apply to as many teams as possible to increase the work available. I have achieved great success with this. One of the teams I belong to is for a managed client who pays $58 for a review of the 2000 words of the camp grounds. First, it took me two days to complete these articles. When I was accustomed to them, I was able to create a template that would help me write them within four hours. During the weeks when there are large numbers of these articles in the team order pool, I can do more than average payments.

Is the text broker legal?

Okay sure. You cost nothing to join and will never ask you to remain a member. They also have a good track record to pay on time.

The negative text broker reviews that I have read mainly relate to their wage rate, which are not great. However, if you can really make the havoc, you can at least get part-time income.

You are not being rich on this site, but you will receive the money you have earned as a clock work every Friday. It is necessary to fund projects for clients before a writer works, and there are good checks and balances that ensure that clients or writers do not abuse the system.

From abroad to textbroker registration

It is important to note that the US site of the text broker will only accept US citizens. However, the most frequently Asked Questions section of the site is that if you are a US citizen in another country, you can work for them if you send them by proof of your ID.

Text broker countries

If you are in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Ireland, you sign up through the UK text broker site. Poor, if you are somewhere else, you are not fortunate.

Text Broker Review verdict

I ended this text broker review with some of the advantages and disadvantages that work on the site.


-The text broker offers an opportunity to improve your writing habits. If you have time in your hands, you might even think of it as a writing class with advantages. You need to learn how to do good research, improve your typing, write fast and learn some new skills.

-Everything is very clear. The site is too easy to navigate, and there is no complicated system to learn.

-It can add a little to your current income when you want to save it in thin times or for something special.

-Payment is quick and reliable.


-The pay is very low compared to some other sites. Even at the level of five-star writer, rates are much lower than the industry standards. The author’s up work at five-star level can easily be earned by finding platforms in text broker alternatives or freelance job boards like Fiverr.

-You sometimes have the kind of editors who make the choice and can reduce you for small grammatical mistakes.

-You sell all rights to your work, it makes it difficult to build a portfolio that has your own byline.

Despite low wage rates, I started working on the text brochure. Friends and family have been telling me to find a way to earn money with my writing skills, but I don’t know how to do it. The site opened a way for me to learn more and earn some extra cash.

Although it is compensation (especially first), this is my own worst remedy! I recommend this to anyone who is new to the writing of payment.

What about you? Do you have experience with text broker or other content mills? Do you have any opinion on my text broker review? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Overall Rating