I know you’re in the hunt of torrent sites. Once the government has banned torrentz.eu and kickass torrents that we use every day, we have not had a specific torrent search engine for all people. For this reason I’m going to introduce some torrent sites to you today. Some of these are already known to you.

But here’s a note that we do not have a single site for all torrents like before. So I give torrent sites list as per your requirement.

First you can visit https://www3.yts.vg/movies or https://1337xto.to/ if you want to watch movies, TV shows and other entertainment.

If you are looking for software or courses, you can visit the pirate bay. Since this site does not have a specific website name, they are constantly changing the website name to escape from the blocking.
But how do we get that website names? You can doubt that. Every time the website is renamed, the pirate bay proxy is updated

If you are looking for a site like an old torrent search engine, use torrentz2.eu. It’s really good. Just type the torrent in the search box and we’ll get 1000’s of torrents.

Here is the list of best torrenting sites 2019.

Torrent NameURL
The Pirate Bayhttps://openpirate.org/

We can give 100’s of torrent sites but these are the sites that are best right now and they are working fine.


The AtoZ News does not condone the illegal partnership of the copyrighted material. P2P file sharing technology is fully legitimate. If you share copyright files by P2P, you are at risk in at least one civilian case in the US, Canada, Australia and UK.

These legitimate cases are not true, but they do have a lot of mental and financial burden.

Another important point is that your Internet Service Provider also has the opportunity to view your history and submit it to the Government. So, what we say is that it is better to share normal files than copyright material.