Here is the step by step guide to download your favorite movie using µTorrent.

Before going into actual details of downloading the movies I just want to give some information on what is µTorrent and how it actually works.

You might wonder why you should ever want to know all those information…?

But here is the thing,

if you have some knowledge on how these things work you can easily understand to stop some potential threats and other risky operations included.

So are you ready…

Most of the times when you are trying to download a movie or a file or mp3 songs you’ll just click on the download link and file will get downloaded. But here, to download a movie or any file the process is little tricky.

So what is µTorrent?

It is a simple P2P file-sharing software.

Ohhh wait don’t get confused with the word P2P. P2P stands for Peer-to-Peer i.e. we are downloading the software directly from the other person computer/laptop. Here you don’t need a central web server to store the data.

Now you’re thinking… is that really possible?

The answer is hell YES!!!

Here is how it works.

In very simple terms, you are giving access to a file on your computer to some other person by using special software or client in our case it is µTorrent.

I don’t want to go very deep in explaining all the technical knowledge on P2p file sharing. So that’s the simple and purest form of understanding how P2P file sharing works.

How to Download a Movie Using µTorrent?

  1. Go to website
  2. Download µTorrent Classic.
  3. Install on your PC/Laptop.

Now don’t make things complicated. Just follow those steps and now you have µTorrent client up and running on your PC.

Now you need a piece of the file that contains the address of all the computers that has your file. That file called torrent file and it is in the format of File_Name.torrent.

To get that torrent you can simply go to any torrenting sites and search for the file/movie that you are looking for and download the file.

For example to download the Avatar movie I’ll go to the website or to sites listed here and search for the “Avatar”.

Now open the relevant search result from the list.

In this case open “Avatar ECE (2009)” and on the next page, you’ll find so many websites that are having that torrent file.

Just open any of those sites and you’ll get a file downloaded to your computer.

So I opened the 11th website and you’ll find some options like Download Torrent or Magnet Download etc.

Here always click on Download Torrent link and you’ll get a file like following images.

Just open the file you’ll see a dialogue box opens from the µTorrent client you installed before.

Here you can see all the files listed on the torrent files just click on the button “OK”.

That’s it you are on the way to download your first movie.

Slowly it will increase the download speed and Seeds/Peers.

Once the movie is downloaded you just simply double click the file to open the file location and start enjoying by watching the movie.

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Note: Before downloading please once check the contents of the torrent files. Sometimes the extra files excluding movie file(.mp4 or .mkv or .avi etc. ) may contain harmful viruses. So be careful when downloading the movie  and make sure you have anti virus installed on your PC. 

So just go ahead and try downloading one movie and if you have any questions let me know in the comments and share this information with your friends.