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Navaratri means In Sanskrit “nine Nights” is a 9 days long Hindu festival which is celebrated in different parts of Indian subcontinent. Navaratri is the festival of pure feeling of devotion and worship, happiness of simplicity, celebration of colours and unique sense of piece. These nine Nights  dedicated to worship of Devi Durga and her nine avatars. that’s why, Navaratri also known as Durga Puja. In Navratri devotees of Devi Durga earn a unique sense of peace in their life with the help of ritualistic fasting, pooja while adopting a calm and meditative Lifestyle. Navaratri is also that time when people add beautiful colour of happiness in their life, pick up the Dandiya, melt their tension & worries away and enjoy the beats of Garba. Navratri is a beautiful blend of calmness and happiness. this is the time when Devi Durga descends  from the heaven to blessed her beloved devotees. according to Veda and Puran- each day of the Navaratri is dedicated to one of the nine of Avatar of Devi Durga.

There are nine goddess avatar of  Devi Durga that are worshipped on each day of Navratri.

  1. Devi Shailputri
    the ‘daughter of mountains (Himalayas)’ Devi Parvati also known as known as Shailputri worshiped on the  first day of Navratri. Maa Parvati is the second birth of Devi ‘Sati’ who was the first wife of Lord Shiva. according to ‘Shiv Puran’ – Devi Sati the daughter of Daksha Prajapati sacrificed her life to protect her husband (Lord Shiva) Honour   because of her father insult Lord Shiva by not invite him on one of his big ceremonies. the colour of the day is red.
  2. Devi brahmacharini
    The second day is dedicated to Devi brahmacharini also known  as the Tapsyacharini when Parvati grew up Narad Muni told her story about a her previous birth  ‘Sati’ and told her to win the heart of her previous life husband Lord Shiva. So, to please Lord Shiva She was engaged in deep meditation. her body was literally changed into a Bony structure which skin. Her dedication finally win the heart of Lord Shiva. The peacock colour is colour of the day which means tranquillity  yet strong energy.
  3. Maa chandraghanta
    The Third day of Navratri is dedicated to Maa chandraghanta. when Lord Shiva was finally realise the deep devotion and love of Maa Parvati. He finally ready to marry her. Lord Shiva reach the king himavan Palace in the most terrorizing form (skin full of ash, snake in neck, dreadlocks in his matted hair). he accompanied by Ghost and other horrifying creature. Lord Shiva’s horrifying state gave shock to the family of Devi Parvati . so, match the state of Lord Shiva and get the approval Maa Parvati transform herself in terrorizing form – Maa chandraghanta. chandraghanta name came from half Chandra on her forehead. yellow is the lucky colour of third day.
  4. Maa kushmanda
    according to purana – there was nothing in the universe but only the darkness. then a light came in existence which give birth  the universe, life and everything. every single thing is originated from that light which is also known as Maa kushmanda. Mata gave birth to everything and she lives in surya lok.  the colour of day is green.
  5. Maa skandmata
    Fifth day is dedicated to Maa skandmata. according to Puranas – the birth of Kartikeya was a Dev Yojna to lead the force of Devta as commander in chief in a war between Devta Asurrs. Karthikeya is also known as  sKand so as his mother Maa Parvati known as skandmata. the colour of the day is Grey.
  6. Maa katyayani
    The 6th day is dedicated to Maa katyayani. When earth and all creators was suffered from pain due to Mahishasura then Maharishi katyayan started a Tapasya for a solution. then all three Gods finally appear and emerges their power into one energy. The energy rises in the form of a goddess. Rishi katyayan were the first who worship her so that’s why she is known as Maa katyayani. orange is the colour of the day.
  7. Devi kalratri
    The most Furious form of Maa Durga Devi ‘maa kalratri’ is also known as Destroyer of time. according to puranas- when she came to destroy Demons shubh and Nishubh  her skin was White but she was so Furious and angry that her Skin burned in rage and turn into black as moonless night. the colour of the day is white.
  8. Maa mahagauri
    Maa mahagauri has extreme fair colour. she is white as full moon in the sky. this form of Devi Durga blessed her devotees  the pureness of soul and remove their sins. the pink colour is the colour of the day.
  9. Maa siddhidatri
    The ninth and the last day of Navratri is dedicated to Maa siddhidatri. She bless her devotees all type of Desire siddhi existed in the whole universe. the light blue is your favourite colour.

Navratri is the festival when the darkness and evil in the world destroyed by the light and pureness  of happiness and devotion. Navaratri is the festival that celebrate the different avatar of a woman in form of ‘Devi Durga’. woman is a way that continue the cycle of life in the world that’s why she called as ‘Adhi Sakti’.

May Devi Durga shower her blessing over you and your family this Navratri. download  beautiful picture of ‘Devi Durga and her nine Avatar’ and joyful celebration picture of  Navaratri. share happiness and joy this Navratri with these beautiful wallpapers.