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When the children’s brain is well-fed, it helps them to learn things quickly. It helps them to make the quick decision and perform better. Since other internal organs like lungs, heart, etc. play their function in coordination with the brain. The proper nutrition for the brain is the key to its healthier growth and function. It will help the child do well in the schools and in dealing with others. Therefore, parents should pay particular attention to the child’s diet so that they do well at home and school.

The healthier the brain is, the more it will have a positive impact on mental tasks like concentration and memory. If you have a child who throws a tantrum while having food, then you need to pay them special attention while they have their food.  Experts call the brain as ‘a hungry organ’ since it happens to be the first organ to absorb nutrients when a child eats his food. Therefore, you can imagine that how the brain may react if the child only had junk food.

When the children are growing up, they need various nutrients for their brain development. Some of the top listed brain food for the kids are:

1) Eggs

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It is a super food that has directly been linked with children brain development. Eggs contain a nutrient called choline. When the child eats an egg, the brain converts choline into acetylcholine (a type of neurotransmitter). It provides communication between the brain cells and thus memory power keeps improving. Further, it has vitamins, amino acids, cholesterol, protein and anti-oxidants that play an essential role in maintaining the child’s brain healthy.

You can make the child eat egg as simple boiled one, in the form of omelets or combine it with salads or a sandwich.

2) Peanut Butter

Prepared from peanut extracts, this butter is rich in proteins that play a significant role in developing new brain cells. It’s also a great source of Vitamin E, whose anti-oxidant properties protects and maintains the nerve membranes. There is another nutrient called thiamine present in this butter that plays an essential role in converting glucose to energy present inside the brain’s nervous system part.

The children can take peanut butter in their sandwiches, with chapattis and sometimes as ice-creams also.

3) Vegetables

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Vegetables play an important role in keeping the brain and its parts healthy. Children don’t eat vegetables easily, so parents should make sure that their child takes vegetables in adequate amount. These are tremendously essential because they have antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins present in them. Antioxidants provide immunity in the required amount that keeps the brain cells healthy & active. Vitamins and minerals assist the brain cells in performing day to day activities. The presence of fibers in veggies contributes to the movement of nutritional components.

The child can get veggies in the form of soup, juice, sandwiches or you can add species to these to give the different flavor.

4) Whole grains

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These are a great source of glucose that keeps on providing energy to the brain throughout the day to enable different functionalities. Whole grains are a significant source of fibers which in turn supplies glucose to the child’s mind. It also has Vitamin E that has the role of keeping the nervous system healthy. Among whole grains you can prefer wheat, rice, etc. to feed the child. It can be taken as bread, chapattis, oats, etc.

Most of the time, it’s seen that the child doesn’t eat whole grains easily. In such a case combine the chapattis, slices of bread, etc. with their favorite vegetables, peanut butter, chocolate spreaders, etc.  If you use this trick, then your child wouldn’t shy away from eating whole grain foods.

5) Meat

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Various studies suggest that letting your child eat meat leads to faster brain development. It contains the essential calories and proteins that repair brain cells. In lesser time, meat supplies vital nutrients to the brain. In this way, the child’s brain gets more time in focusing on essential tasks and learning new skills. When the child eats meat, he gets energy, minerals, and vitamins inadequate amount to power those brain cells. Additionally, it is also a great source of iron, fibers, Vitamin B12 & Vitamin 6 that contribute significantly to maintain the brain.

You can give your child meat cooked in different species so that she doesn’t make the fuss while eating. Combine it with bread, sandwiches or chapattis. Try giving boneless meat to the young children so and keep a tab on them while they eat so that they do not swallow the bones.

6) Fruits

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These are the children’s favorite food items. As a parent, you don’t need to force your child to eat fruits. They come in various sizes, shapes, and color and are tasty enough to attract a child’s attention. If your child eats fruits regularly, then you are free from their food-related tantrums most of the time. They supply essential anti-oxidants to the child’s developing brains that plays a crucial role in preventing the brain’s cellular decline. Fruits are high in Vitamin C – providing immunity to the brains.

Fruits are healthy snacks. Fruits rich in nutrients such as polyphenols increases blood supply to the brain leading to a sharper brain. Fruits have several Vitamin types such as A, B, C, E and K that contribute a lot to the developing brains. Make sure that the child washes the fruits before eating. They can also have it in the form of juices, salads, etc.

7) Oats

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Most of the child experts agree to this line: “Oats are grain for the brain.” It is widely recommended that a child should have oats in his breakfast. As the morning breakfast, it plays a significant role in supercharging the little kids’ brain. Oats contain fiber in the huge amount that provides energy for the brain to keep going throughout the day. They also contain potassium, zinc, Vitamin B & E that further assists brain cells. Additionally, they also contain complex carbohydrates that keep the brain energized.

If your child doesn’t like eating pure oats, then you can buy oats of different flavors such as tomato, spicy, tangy, Chinese, chocolate, Vanilla, etc.

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