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Today on AtoZ Games the 10 best free ios and android games of July 2018.

A quick disclaimer for you, this is a list of free games only.

9Food Fantasy:

Which is a little bit different it is a quote-unquote adventure management game. Meaning it’s kind of an adventure game, kind of a restaurant management game. It plays out in some ways a little bit like a monster collector but not with like monsters you collect food souls instead and honestly, it’s such a weird offbeat approach to genre mixing that it works in more than one way. But one thing that’s interesting about is, it feels so different. You’ve done some of these mechanics before, but I think combined and with the ideas of food in there, it’s a just a different game. It’s fun I like it when I see stuff that’s creative and innovative and this is a game that is very much like that, you can check it out on ios and android right now.

8Best Rally:

A rally racing game that plays out from an isometric perspective. It’s fully 3d but the perspective really works to its advantage. It uses two fingers, it’s got 30 courses that are really really well done. It’s a handcrafted game not procedurally generated and it’s really pretty. It’s really fun it takes no time to learn but you will be spending time mastering it. That’s the best kind of racing game in my opinion, especially when it goes out of its way just to be fun and that’s exactly what this is. This game is so confident in itself. They titled it best rally I think it’s probably actually that of this genre it’s probably the best I the hell out of it it’s only available on iOS though fingers crossed at some point it comes to Android.
8 Diamond Diaries saga: which is kind of like a match-three game if you didn’t have the grid it’s more physics based and I think that really brings an interesting aspect to it. It plays out a little more chaotic even though it really isn’t it just feels a little more dynamic and that’s definitely appreciated. It’s from the creators of candy crush and honestly I think it’s better than candy crush. We’ve seen the mechanics and candy crush multiple times but this it brings something new to it and to bring something new to the genres very hard to do and I have to say kudos to King for doing it. Diamond Diary saga is available on iOS and Android.

7Furry Stays Cat Cafe:

If you were to name this a little more bluntly it would be cat store simulator. Basically, the idea is you adopt cats match them with customers and decorate your cat Bank. Essentially the quirkiness is definite if any of this sounds like it’s something you would like you would like it and if it sounds like something that will repel you it will it is exactly what it sounds like and if you can keep that in mind going in and you’re the type of person that might like something like this you will, in fact, I promise you will but if you don’t think that it’s something you would like you won’t you won’t like it. Like I said this game is exactly what it sounds like furry stays cat cafe is out on iOS and Android.

6The Walking Dead Our world:

A game in which you will pokemon go kill some zombies. It’s not quite obviously if Pokemon go hadn’t happened this game probably wouldn’t have been made. But I’m actually gonna go ahead and say I think that they’ve gone above and beyond and made something unique or at least as unique as a new entry into this genre can be it’s kind of an FPS version of Pokemon go. There’s zombies cuz it’s the walking dead obviously and you have to explore the world and get rid of them. You know shooting stuff which is a little bit weird when you think about the fact that you’re doing it in the quote-unquote real world but hey that’s fine whatever it’s a game so the real question we should be asking is is it fun and yes it actually is I don’t know how long it’s going to last or how fun it will be for but it’s certainly a fresh take on the AR game currently. If a bit violent and given the fact that augmented reality depends on actual reality you’re buying setting up an interesting debate I think but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s fun and interesting and it looks good. The Walking Dead our world is available on iOS and Android.

5Far Away Three Arctic Escape:

A room oriented puzzle escape game that really has a unique look and the look. Itself contributes very much to the puzzles it’s a gorgeous game it takes place in the Arctic obviously and escaping is the main goal again obviously. But the way it puts all of these puzzles together in a frankly more than a little aesthetically pleasing fashion and doesn’t just give you a bunch of standard puzzles for that matter. It’s actually innovative and creative on that front which is good to say the very least.

4Mayhem Combat:

A platformer combat game which I’m calling a sort of brawler to ask game. Now it’s not a one to one remake of Super Smash Brothers or anything like that. But there’s a lot of interesting different characters that do different types of things easier there’s traditional one-on-one there’s more free-for-all brawls and there’s also tag battles. It’s a game that might look a little simplistic from the graphics cuz it tries to go for the fortnight look and doesn’t quite get there there’s a little bit of Team Fortress influence on the visuals as well but if I’m honest I don’t think it matters. Mayhem combat is on iOS and Android.

3Asphalt 9 Legends:

This is a gorgeous 100% arcade racer. There’s a lot of wild stuff in this game and it comes off a lot more like Need for Speed than say a simulator. There’s a couple of different ways of controlling it as well which is very nice. There’s a sort of touch control and then there’s pro controls which operates more like a traditional game and let’s just go ahead and say this this is really a gorgeous game. In every way I really found this to be a fun an arcade racer. Asphalt 9 Legends is out on iOS and Android.

2Shin Megami Tensei Liberation D x 2 or Devil Downloader:

It’s essentially a new Shin Megami Tense game has pretty much the classic gameplay I’m not gonna say its exact. But it’s not gonna throw you for a loop if you’ve ever played a Shin Megami Tensei game essentially the intention is to summon and command demons and it has an absolute whacked-out plot involving acolytes wiping out people with high empathy because empathy poses a threat to their goals and ideology. It’s wild but it’s got a great turn-based battle system. It’s a really fun JRPG it looks great it’s got augmented reality and in a lot of ways it’s everything you might expect from a smartphone Shin Megami Tensei game. It is in this out on ios and android.

1Identity VIII:

possibly one of the more interesting mobile multiplayer games. You’re gonna see period it’s a game that combines several different types of games. It’s a narrative game and it’s an asymmetrical four versus one multiplayer game. You can be either a hunter or a survivor it plays out a lot like dead by daylight or Friday the 13th but it’s actually progressing a story, which is super interesting also let’s just go ahead and say this it looks really really good. It has got an interesting novel visual style that kind of seems reminiscent of maybe a Tim Burton or one of the movie studios that came out of his movie studio. But it’s definitely something you need to try out this is really really different. But really easy to pick up and play identity v is on iOS and Android.
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