WhatsApp Video Call Update

Every user who uses Whatsapp Messenger will think so much better if they can video chat with multiple users simultaneously. Now this desire of the users is going to be fulfilled. Whatsapp has launched a group video calling feature for users. Through this feature, users will be able to video chat with multiple users simultaneously.

The first time the group video calling feature came in October last year. Since then, the company was constantly working to launch this feature. Now, this feature has been officially launched.

About the Whatsapp Group Video Calling feature, Facebook also told in the Annual F8 Developers Conference held in May. Now, this feature has been launched for both iOS and Android versions. This feature will allow the user to simultaneously call up with four people. Whatsapp claims that the user spends more than two billion minutes on calls every day.

Let’s say that from the year 2016 there is a video call feature on Whatsapp. But so far only 2 users could have video calling simultaneously. The company has said that like the calls, the group video chat and Calls to be encrypted.

Calling Video Group Can Do

In order to make video group calls on Whatsapp, a user must first do video calling. After that when you pick up the call, you will see a plus symbol on the right side. After clicking on it, you can add another user from whom you want to add video calling. Users update your Whatsapp with app store or Google Play Store.


via Gfycat