Today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten modern space movies.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the smartest and most thrilling 21st-century movies, where space plays a crucial role. But we’ve excluded movies that primarily take place on earth. So, although District 9 and Arrival are fantastic. They do not qualify.


Long round coats everywhere were cheering when this movie was announced. After the amazing Firefly was canceled prematurely the crew of serenity did not get the closure they deserved.
Fortunately, this movie came to the rescue and proved to be a highly enjoyable experience.
All the characters were back and better than ever for a space adventure that provided a more satisfactory conclusion to the story than the TV series did.
Although exciting and full of fun moments there were times of sadness and heartbreak which made us realize just how attached to these characters we really were.

9Star Trek:

No fans were cautious following the announcement of this film it was bolstered by JJ Abrams kinetic directorial energy.
Not to mention some great special effects. 2009 Star Trek references the quirkiness of the franchise’s past but never pokes fun and you can see there’s respect there.
The performances are solid. The cinematography is fantastic and the makeup brought the series its first Academy Award. Nostalgic but also bringing something fresh to the table. Star Trek’s a reboot that appeased longtime fans while also drawing in a new crowd that can look back at the original movies and TV shows with a new appreciation.


This movie is slow eerie and tense but never dull in fact these qualities propel sunshine to greatness in the way it combines multiple subgenres makes it stand out from the crowd.
There’s a large ensemble of characters and each brings something different to the mission. The mission is to reignite the dying Sun.
As you’d imagine that isn’t exactly an easy feat. So the varied crew personalities and skills work together to create a satisfying journey of discovery and problem-solving. with a killer final act.

7Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens:

After a lengthy hiatus, Star Wars returned full force in 2015, with a film directed magnificently by JJ Abrams. Episode 7 took what people loved about the original trilogy and injected it with a modern style. While the previous movie Revenge of the Sith had a more spectacle-oriented goal with a flair for fight choreography. The force awakens hearkened back to what made the original so great in the first place. Memorable characters, rich themes and a grand sense of adventure. Full of exciting action, the film captured the battle between the dark and the light beautifully.


This film stars Sam Rockwell. A robot Kevin Spacey and Sam Rockwell.
Hold on we can explain…
Astronaut Sam Bell is stationed on the moon and has mere weeks left before he gets to go home. But when another Sam Bell turns up who looks and sounds just like him things get weird. With an intriguing mystery at its core and fantastic special effects considering its relatively small budget, the film achieved greatness with a mesmerizing performance from Rockwell. As well as the support of Spacey as the voice of Gertie.


A film that earned almost three billion dollars worldwide at the box office alone has to be good. Although the action is mind-blowing, and James Cameron’s Direction is nothing short of stellar. Avatar also makes room for some surprisingly strong character development. With protagonists who grow into the role of hero rather than starting there. There’s a sense of realism to their actions as they come across new information and experiences on a moon located in the Alpha Centauri star system Pandora. Featuring some of the best visuals ever put on screen while also serving as an allegory for imperialism. Avatar is truly something special.

4Guardians of the Galaxy:

Easily one of the best Marvel movies to date. Guardians of the Galaxy is a feel-good space adventure with a quirky band of characters you cannot help but love. The superhero film is surprisingly down-to-earth given its setting and is not bogged down by dense explanations for plot lines. It moves at the perfect pace and doesn’t stop. There’s never a dull moment and it offers insight into the Marvel Cinematic Universe that’s not really been explored before. With shared knowledge of the Infinity stones and a closer look at Thanos. plus it redefined Chris Pratt as an action star.


A marvelous spectacle. Gravity is a non-stop thrill ride with one amazing backdrop. stranded in space. Two astronauts must find their way back to earth after their shuttle gets demolished by debris. it’s outstanding visuals really push the boundaries of what CGI can do. So the viewer can become fully immersed in the story and struggle of the astronauts. In fact, the way it’s filmed makes us think that we’re really there. Most of the cuts in the film are masked, giving the impression it’s one continuous uninterrupted shot…
That works to wondrous effect since we feel like there’s no time to rest. Mimicking what the characters are feeling.

2The Martian:

Based on Andy Weir’s acclaimed sci-fi novel, the Martian is a smart funny and exciting story about an astronaut who stranded on Mars. And trying to find a way to let earth know he’s still up there. Survival stories are always interesting. But one set on Mars talking about science in a way viewers can understand makes it that much more fun. As entertaining and light-hearted as Ridley Scott’s film is, there are moments when we truly feel for Mark Watney and are reminded just how dire his situation is. This is a testament to the abilities of both the writer and the director.


Here’s a movie you can watch over and over again and pick up something new every time while never getting bored or losing appreciation for what it is. More of a thinking person’s movie this Christopher Nolan tale still has exciting and tense moments that will have your eyes wide and will have you holding your breath. The characters feel incredibly real and their sacrifices will hit you hard. As it highlights the importance of family. Following an astronaut crew that’s seeking planets for Humanity to inhabit because of the Earth’s current state, it’s an amazingly constructed character drama with large stakes that will have your eyes glued to the screen to see how it all pans out.

Do you agree with our picks?