I wanted to share with you five magical things that you can do to bring the power of the full moon into your life, to really tap into this magical energy of the moon.

And moon is magic.

The first thing that you can do, you can wear silver. Silver is the color of the moon. So, it’s traditionally connected with the lunar energy and you can invoke this energy of the moon. During the time of the full moon, you can really shine brightly, just like the moon. Wear something silver, you can have silver jewelry, you can have silver just items, to carry around with you that shine silver. Anything that you can do to connect with the moon in color, wear silver. So if you don’t have anything silver, you can still wear white, you can wear blue, whatever color really speaks to you about the moon, wear that color.

The second magical thing that you can do during this powerful time of the full moon is to burn candles. Special silver candles or maybe white candles and you do it on the day of the full moon with just absorbing the energy of the moon through these candles. You’re not just like every day kind of end of the day candles. It’s a special ritual candle, so you can just buy anywhere. But you only use them on the days when the moon is high and powerful, because then, your intention, your special purpose of using these candles, will make this process so powerful. You can also call upon your angels. You can call upon your guardian angels. You can call upon Archangel Raphael, Archangel Haniel. They will help you to connect to that moon energy as well. Number three, use the power of three. What do I mean by this? Moon is really connected to number three. It’s all about three phases of the moon and also three phases of the goddess, the moon goddess as well. So when you use the power of three to manifest your desire, you can go into the state of meditation and think of one desire but find three words that really describe your specific desire. Maybe you want to become an author. You want to write a book, so your key word is author. The second key word, as an example, could be write.

And the third one could be a book. So when you go into the state of mediation, power of three, you are contemplating these words individually, processing these words, feeling these words, changing these words in your mind, seeing the letters of each of these words. You are connecting with each of these words to help you manifest your desire. The power of three, go into mediation, think of the three words that you can describe your desire with and contemplate meditating these three words. You will invoke the powerful magic of the moon.

Another magical thing that you can do during the full moon is to wear crystals. Some crystals are very connected to the moon, such as this one. This is a moon stone and you can wear these crystals. You can put them in your pocket. You can put them in your wallet, in your bag, you can place the on your desk or at the bedside. Do whatever you need to do. Bring as many crystals as you can because crystals magnify lunar energy. The moon energy charges these crystals and it’s like energy in the bottle, energy in the crystal. So you can use the powerful lunar energy for anything that you want.

Finally, number five, the way for you to utilize this powerful lunar energy is to chant the sound om. You can do this in meditation, just changing om, om. And mantra om helps you to open your third eye center. This is your moon center. You have your sun center in your solar plexus, but you also have your moon center and this is your third eye energy. And mantra om helps you to connect to that lunar center in your body and to activate your own lunar centers so you can begin to experience intuitive insights, clairaudience, clairvoyance, so you can become more psychic, more intuitive using that power of the moon. Here you go, my friends, the five magical things that you can do during the full moon. I hope this helped you. As always, share your experiences in the comments below.

Be well and blessed.