Total Lunar Eclipse
Total Lunar Eclipse

Welcome to today’s topic. So in here I wanted to share with you some tips on how you can utilise this power of the lunar eclipse that we have on 27th July, 2018 or of any lunar eclipse for that matter. How you can really tap into that magical power of the moon.

So every lunar eclipse happens on the day of the full moon. And also when the moon is in its full power, in it’s full potential, also facing its own darkness. And it’s effecting each individual living on this planet. Because, you know, our bodies are 80% water and the moon is directly connected to the element of water. So whether you are aware of this or not, but the moon will definitely affect you during the time of eclipse.

So first find out when you have the time of the eclipse for your specific location. Make a note of that because that power of the lunar eclipse, you can use it for your own benefit. The lunar eclipse, the time of that inner darkness, allows you to become internally focused. It’s like an opening into the deeper layers of your own soul, where you can actually begin to see the inner world magnified.

You can see your own trapped emotions, the things in you that need healing, that need love, that need forgiveness. These issues within you require you to take a look at them and to heal them, and to clear them because unless you clear them you will not allow the new energy to come and lunar energy is always about change. And it’s all about cycles: endings and beginnings.

So this is your chance to really clear the past, clear your old limiting beliefs, clear old trapped pain and emotions.

Imagine you’re having a really good night out with your friends, and boom, black out, electricity’s out, it’s dark. So in these moments you can become really resourceful. You can find matches and then candles. You can find your old guitar and you can actually feel people around you more, then you can see them.

This is a different type of connection that you have with the world during these dark hours.

So you manufacture light, now you create light. You create these opportunities, finding a candle, finding a flashlight.

In these moments, you begin to look for that light in you resources. So the same thing happens during the eclipse. The time of darkness will call you to become resourceful with finding your own light, your own light sources within you. What you can do during this powerful time of lunar eclipse is to become fully present and also connect with this clearing element of water.

Water cleans the earth. Water cleans your body. Water cleans your energy. Water gives life to all so connect with the element of water. If you can’t take a bath, take a shower. Even go wash your hands. Go sit by a body of water, if you live by the ocean.

If you have even like a lake, even a fountain, find a place where there’s water because during the full moon and especially the time of the eclipse you need to be by that water source.

So even have a picture on your screen of like a waterfall. What you want to do is you want to be thinking about clearing. You want to be present with the element of water as much as possible.

So another thing that you can do, of course, for the purposes of healing and clearing is to watch your language. And remember the words that you are using. It’s like you’re planting the seeds.

The darkness which is the rich, the black earth, the soil, which rich with minerals will allow you to grow beautiful fruits. So whatever you’re planting into that soil of darkness will grow so be really mindful with your words. If you can avoid swearing for one day do it because you want to keep your language clean.

You also want to keep your thoughts clean. If you have thoughts of judgement or maybe some negative attitude toward something or someone now this is your chance to turn this around. And remember, the lunar eclipse is the clearing process so you will keep yourself clean.

You will keep your body clean. You will keep your mind clean. You will keep your words clean. So this will plant the seeds of blessings. It will plant the seeds of kindness and compassion. If you can reach out to other people. Also, send as many blessings to as many people as you can. Because each blessing, it’s like the seed that you plant, the seed of kindness and love and caring that you’re planting into your own soul. And with that power of the full moon, remember the moon is very powerful. It’s not weak, it’s just processing it’s own way out of the darkness.

So this will help you to, whatever you’re planting during the time of the eclipse will grow and multiply and serve you in the future. Here you go, my friends. Some thoughts on how you can survive the lunar eclipse. I hope this served you. As always, share your thoughts in the comments below. I’m sending you my love and light to be well. Bye, guys.