We all must have heard about the rumors of the Jio DTH services, the date, price and service of its launch. I can not clarify all the doubts about the dates and prices of Jio DTH launch. Let’s give you an idea of ​​set-top boxes, services and features.

This is a long-term review of my DTH services. Here you get a JIO branded set top box, a high quality HDMI cable, an audio video cable, a remote and a power adapter. Talking about set top boxes, there is a USB port in front and a power button with Jio logo and back, an antenna cable input, audio and video port, an HDMI out, an Ethernet port and a second USB port. A Power Input. Now remote you receive is RF Remote, it essentially means that you do not need to direct the remote directly on the box to control it.

There are alternatives to watch SD and HD channels Currently there are 350 channels that can be viewed.

Talking about the quality of the picture Set-top box output Full HD is the best picture of HD channel, SD channel channels are also very good quality, an electronic program guide so that you can browse the program by looking at your existing channel.

The audio is clear, though it is only 2 channel audio and Jio Multichannel does not broadcast around audio. Now you can think of the functions of 2 USB ports and Internet Port. Jio Set Top Box is also a competent media player. It can run MP3 songs, videos and pictures from your USB ports cast pen drive.

There is no problem playing full HD video with Dolby Digital Audio. If you use a USB3 Pendrive, you can also stop the live channel and start watching them later.

Internet port does not have any purpose, although it may be capable of later date so that they can offer video on Video on Demand services and play media from the network, so that you can get NAS or other computer.

If you have any questions about the JIO DTH service and facilities, then ask them in the comments below and I will be happy to answer them. I hope you like this review share this article, Thanks