In the US, 4 Indian-Americans won the State and local elections

Four Indian Americans, including a Muslim woman and former White House technology policy advisor, won the state and local elections in the United States on Tuesday.

The Indian-American Ghazala Hashmi, who created history as the first Muslim woman to be elected to the state Senate of Virginia, has been the chairman of the White House technology policy advisor to former President Barack Obama, Suhas Subramaniam Virginia State House of Representative Elected.

In his first attempt, Mrs Hashmi, Democrat defeated the current Republican state senator Glenn Starc to the 10th Senate District of Virginia and attracted national attention.

This success is not only mine. It belongs to all of you who believe that we need to make progressive change here in Virginia, you have no voice and believe me in the General Assembly, "she said after her historic victory.

The first female presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, congratulated the former state secretary, Mrs. Hrushmi. "I also want to …

Running lowers your early death risk

A new study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine said that any runs are associated with significantly less risk of premature death.

Researchers, including Victoria University in Australia and the University of Sydney, found 14 appropriate studies in which 232,149 people were involved, their health was tracked between 5.5 and 35 years. At this time, 25,951 people were killed in the study, researchers said.

The analysis saw for studies about the relationship between running or jogging and the risk of death from all causes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

When the study data is pooled, compared to the amount running, the two genders are associated with 27 per cent less risk of dying from all causes, they said.

According to the study, the risk of death due to cardiovascular diseases is 30 per cent lower, and 23 per cent lower mortality from cancer.

Even the smallest ' doses ', for example, once a week or less, are less than 50 minutes each time, and at speeds l…

TikTok owner ByteDance unveils its first smartphone 'Nut Pro 3' for $412

China compound byte dance, which has a famous small video-sharing app Tik talk, finally released rumor rumors of Nut Pro 3 under the Smartisan brand in China.

The device is up for sale at 2,899 Yuan or 12 412 in China.

Also known as Jiangvo Pro 3, the device has been developed alongside smartphone manufacturers Smartisan and has the name like the current devices of Smartisan.

As we learned at the beginning of this year, Byte was earned by dance Smartisson patents and talent. Byte dance then helped in making the Xiangvo Pro 3 and packed with branded features. Apparently, the nomenclature was not decided to change the scheme, Ebdjet reported quoting Abacus News on Friday.

The new device will allow users to access the Chinese version of the Tick talk by swiping on the lockscreen.

Meanwhile, the NUT Pro 3 smartphone runs Kwalcam's newest Snapdragon 855 chipset and features four rear sensors, including a 48 MP camera that empowers the 4,000 mah battery.

The smartphone has 12 GB RAM an…

Gold prices have risen today after a massive fall, silver rates are still weak

With the heavy fall in the previous session, gold prices in India have risen marginally. The same trend has been seen in global markets as well. In MCX, gold prices grew by 0.36% to 10 grams, and reached 38,016, with 1.6% or 10 610 falling in the preceding session. In the preceding session, the silver prices were still weak after the 2.52% or 17 1,174 decline to the kilogram, with 0.23% on MCX being reduced to kilos, at 45,397. After a massive collapse in the previous session, in global markets, gold prices were short today.

Spot gold prices have increased by 0.2% to the OUN's 48 1,486.53, after a decline of 1.7% in the previous session — which is the biggest ODI collapse in a month. The rise in hopes for a trade deal and growing US financial data increased risk sentiment, damaging the price of safe haven assets such as gold. The dollar also grew up with a basket of major currencies.

The strong dollar makes gold costly for buyers in other currencies.

"Gold and silver prices …